Raid Shadow Legends: Early Game Guide

If you’ve just signed up and made an account to play Raid Shadow Legends then this guide will be perfect for you. We’ll help you map a fast tracked path to victory in Raid, allowing you to progress from early to mid and late game content. Helping you choose the right strategies, build powerful teams and use the best champions available.

Champion Selection

The world of Raid Shadow Legends revolves around champions and the early game is no different. Selecting the best champion for early game is important as it will set the scene for your future raid experience. It is highly recommended that players select Kael as their first champion, although, this is closely followed by Elhain. Elhain is a great champion in the arena, you can read our early game arena guide here.

A further exception can be made if you were lucky and had opened a hero that is better than Kael at farming and has a good AOE attack, for example Skullcrown, Rotos, Big Un, Martyr to name a few.

Creating a Team

Quests, opening shards and battles will need to be done after acquiring your first champion, in doing this you will begin to build your own team. To be extra efficient when crafting your team, ensure the chosen champions complement each other in terms of both their strengths and weaknesses. Building a balanced team will be most effective in the long run and always remember to invest in levelling and upgrading your chosen champions.

When questing, ensure you prioritise those that offer the best rewards and experience. Additionally, pick and choose which battles to participate in based on your teams strengths and weaknesses, ensure you are going into battles you can comfortably win. Always prioritize the use of your best champion and invest heavily in their upgrades.

A Roadmap to success in the Early Game

Below you can see a flow chart of an optimal route through the early game in Raid Shadow Legends. It is also recommended to research the latest raid shadow legends promo codes, to help assist with some free rewards on new accounts in the early game.