OSRS How to Spin Flax

Spinning Flax into Bow String is a popular activity. Predominately for ironmen, although it can be a viable way of obtaining gold at very low levels. This article will show you exactly how to spin flax in OSRS.

How to Spin Flax?

There are two methods of spinning flax in OSRS. This includes using a spinning wheel at the Lumbridge Castle, Seers’ Village or other locations. Additionally players can use the lunar spell “spin flax” to automatically perform the action.

Spinning Wheel

This method requires a minimum of level 10 crafting. Players can take an inventory of their flax to a spinning wheel and use it on the wheel. Each flax will create 1 bow string, a total of 1,400 flax can be spun per hour efficiently.

Best place to spin flax

The best places to spin flax include the Lumbridge Castle. A bank can be found on the second floor with the spinning wheel located on the first floor. Alternatively, players can use the spinning wheel in Seers’ Village, which is also in close proximity to a bank.

Spin Flax Spell

This method has significantly higher requirements. Players will need a minimum of level 76 magic and must have completed lunar diplomacy. When the spell is used, with flax in the inventory it will spin up to 5 flax into bow spins per cast. Each cast will also reward the player with 15 crafting experience per flax spun.

6,000 bow strings can be produced with this method every hour. Additionally, players will receive around 80k crafting and magic experience per hour.

OSRS Spin Flax Runes required
Runes required

Is the Spin Flax spell worth it?

Yes, the spin flax spell is considerably better than producing bow strings with the spinning wheel. As players can do up to 4 times as many bow strings per hour. It is only mildly more click intensive too, as the spell has a cooldown of 5 game ticks.