OSRS Tormented Bracelet

The Tormented Bracelet is a type of enchanted zenyte jewellery that is worn in the glove slot. They are currently the best magic gloves in the game, with 5% magical damage bonus. To equip the item you will need a minimum of level 75 in the Hitpoints skill. When completing master clue scrolls players can obtain a tormented ornament kit. When attached to the Torm it will change its appearance cosmetically.

Tormented Bracelet Stats

OSRS Tormented Bracelet Stats
Tormented Bracelet Stats

How to make the Torm Bracelet?

To make a torm bracelet from scratch or on an ironman players will need to kill demonic gorillas to obtain a Zenyte Shard. They will then need combine the shard with an onyx to form an uncut zenyte, which can then be chiselled into a zenyte. From there you will need to use the Zenyte, a gold bar and a bracelet mould on a furnace (95 crafting requirement). This will create a zenyte bracelet which you can then enchant into a tormented bracelet with 93 magic.

Uses for Tormented Bracelet – where are they good?

The tormented bracelet provides a huge boost to magic-based damage. So, anywhere you can be expecting to use magic as a combat style this item performs very well. This includes bossing scenarios such as raids 1, raids 3, Phantom Muspah, Zulrah, Kraken and general pvm use such as training slayer.

Tormented Bracelet Vs Barrows Gloves

The Tormented Bracelet is far superior to the Barrows Gloves in situations where you are only maging. As the 5% magic damage boost provides a significant increase on the amount of damage you can do and your max hit.

Barrows Gloves can still be useful, particularly as a hybrid glove. As if you are trying to maintain long trips at places such as the Dagannoth Kings then one glove that provides bonuses to all styles like the barrows gloves may be a good option. Moreover, the Barrows Gloves can be a good item for wilderness activities due to its low fixed cost of 130k.

Is the Tormented Bracelet worth it?

Yes, the tormented bracelet should be a high priority for anyone involved in serious PVM as its a critical part of the best mage gear setup. Since its release it has always held an affordable price, between 10 and 20m gold. This means you can obtain it with a relatively low time/money investment. It is the only glove slot item to provide a magic damage bonus, making it useful at a wide variety of content around the game.