OSRS Vesta Longsword

The Vesta’s Longsword (bh) is a level 75 attack slash weapon used for PVP in OSRS. The can only be used against other players, attempting to use it on an NPC will not work. This article will give you a full overview of the Vesta’s Longsword (VLS) and its uses.

Combat Stats

OSRS Vesta Longsword stats
Vesta Longsword stats

How to get a Vesta’s Longsword?

A Vesta’s Longsword can only be obtained from the Bounty Hunter reward store. When purchased from the store it will be in an inactive state. To charge the item, 50 million coins must be used on it.

If you die in PvP with the VLS, the coins will be given to the killer and the players left with the inactive item. Although, protect item will protect the active form of the item, making it less likely you will lose the item.

Special Attack

The Vesta’s Longsword special attack consumes 25% of the players special attack energy. IT will deal a hit that is equal to between 20% and 120% of the players max hit. The accuracy for the hit is rolled against 25% of the targets defence.

OSRS VLS special attack
VLS special attack

Is the Vesta longsword good?

Yes, the VLS is one of the best melee weapons in PVP. It’s special attack is particularly impressive and has amazing KO potential.

Is the Vesta longsword worth it?

The VLS is a worth while investment, but only if you can afford to lose it. The 50 million gold required to charge the item is no small cost. Therefore, you will definitely want to already be a competent PKer before using the item. As with all pvp there is always a risk of losing items.