Raid Shadow Legends: Godseeker Aniri Champion Guide

Godseeker Aniri is an epic void affinity champion from the sacred order faction in Raid Shadow Legends. She is an excellent utility champion, who is great in a variety of different areas of the game from dungeons to clan boss and faction wars. This guide will provide specific advice and guidance for each of these areas and how to best use Arini. She features a brilliant support kit that has defence based skills like revive and cooldown reset, her A2 is particularly impressive with the ability to extend your teams buffs.

Godseeker Aniri Stats Overview

Godseeker Aniri avatar
  • Faction: Sacred Order
  • Type: Defense
  • Affinity: Void
  • Rarity: Epic
  • HP: 15195
  • Attack: 1046
  • Defense: 1244
  • Critical Rate: 15
  • Critical Damage: 50
  • Speed: 99
  • Resistance: 45
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Books to Max Skills: 17

Godseeker Aniri Skills Overview

Blade of Blessings

A1: Blade of Blessings

Attacks 1 enemy. Heal the ally with the lowest HP by 5% of their MAX HP. Cannot heal this Champion.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Heal +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +5%
  • Level 5: Heal +5%
  • Level 6: Damage +5%
  • Level 7: Heal +5%
Quest For Meaning

A2: Quest For Meaning

Attacks all enemies. Heals all allies by 15% of their MAX HP, then decreases the duration of all buffs on all enemies by 1 turn and increases the duration of all buffs on all allies by 1 turn.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Heal +5%
  • Level 3: Heal +5%
  • Level 4: Heal +5%
  • Level 5: Heal +5%
  • Level 6: Cooldown -1
Rise of Glory

A3: Rise of Glory

Revives a dead ally with 50% HP, then fills their Turn Meter by 50% and resets the cooldowns on all their skills.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
  • Level 3: Cooldown -1
  • Level 4: Cooldown -1
Guardian Angel [P]

A4: Guardian Angel [P]

The passive effect – increases the amount of healing allies receive by 10%.

The active effect – if an ally is about to get killed by a fatal hit, preempts that hit and instantly places a [Revive On Death] buff on them for 1 turn before the damage is taken.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
  • Level 3: Cooldown -1
  • Level 4: Cooldown -1

Godseeker Aniri Late Game+ Guide

Godseeker Aniri is a Void Affinity Epic Champion from the Sacred Order Faction that has a good support skill kit but also boasts surprisingly high damage multipliers. She can heal your team, revive your allies, and nuke enemies.

Aniri also has a rare ability to extend your buffs which makes her extremely useful in Clan Boss buff management and speed tuning. In order to use her effectively her A2 needs to be fully booked to lower the cooldown. Her other skill cooldowns do not need to be booked for her to work.

This guide will feature Godseeker Aniri in PVE content of Dragon 20, Ice Golem 20, Spider 20, Faction Wars and in a standard UNM and NM CB teams.


Masteries for Godseeker Aniri are fairly simple. She does not apply any debuffs and her ability to lower buff duration on the enemies is irrelevant in the context of this guide so we will avoid the Support tree and take the Offense and Defense tree.

In the Offense Tree the standard PVE damage dealing masteries are chosen. Crit Rate, Crit Damage and all the damage increasing masteries on the left down to T6 Warmaster.

In the Defense Tree, take the Damage mitigation mastery in Tough Skin, Blastproof, Delayed Death, into both Counterattack masteries, Retribution and Deterrence.

Godseeker Aniri masteries

Gear & Stats Build

Gearing Godseeker Aniri is also fairly simple. Prioritize building her with Defense, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Speed. Ideally 4k+ Defense, 100% Crit Rate, 200%+ Crit Damage, and enough speed to fit your CB speed tune team. Since she does not require any other stats, you should be able to build her with very high Defense and Crit Damage to maximize her damage. Lifesteal set is a must if you use her in CB, unless you have Leech in your team. You can them use any 2-piece set to maximize your stats.

The Godseeker build shown here is used in a speed tuned Clan Boss team, hence the 173 speed in Lifesteal. This exact build is used in all other content shown in this guide.

Recommended Main Stats

  • Glove: Crit Damage
  • Chest: Def %
  • Boots: Def % / Speed
  • Ring: Def
  • Amulet: Crit Damage
  • Banner: Def
Godseeker Aniri build

Godseeker Aniri in non-unkillable Clan Boss teams

Godseeker Aniri is very useful for Standard non-unkillable clan boss (CB) teams. She has the unique ability to extend the buff duration. This makes speedtuning and buff management much easier to accomplish.

If correctly built, you can extend very important buffs such as Block Debuff, Inc Defense, CA, Ally Protection, and Strengthen that usually only lasts for 2 turns to 3 turns for a permanent uptime. Aside from extending buffs Godseeker Aniri also have high damage multipliers and can deal a significant damage.

If you’re looking to counter UDK on Arena Defense, Ramantu is the weapon of choice with Block Passive Skills.

Team Build

This is an example of a CB team that is built to take advantage of Godseeker Aniri’s Buff extension.

  1. Sepulcher Sentinel (227) – Atk Down, Inc Def, Block Debuff.
  2. Skullcrusher (171) Ally Protection, Counterattack.
  3. Rhazin (176) Dec Def, Weaken, DPS.
  4. Godseeker Aniri (173) Buff Extension, DPS.
  5. Wurlim Frostking (173) Strengthen, Inc Def, Inc Crit Damage, DPS.

This team is tuned so Sepulcher’s Block Debuff blocks the Affinity Debuff and Stun which makes this team work on all affinities. Wurlim’s Strengthen and Inc Crit Damage buff are up for both AOEs which improves the team’s survivability and damage. Increase Defense is up 100% of the fight. There are a few turns of manual set up for this team to line up their skill order correctly before going full auto.

As you can see, the combination of defensive and damage mitigating buffs in an all Defense-based team allows the team to last a long time and comfortably hit well above the 2-key damage threshold for UNM and 1-key damage threshold for NM.

While this team’s speed tune work on all affinities, there is still a factor of weak hits. So, while this team will not be affected by the Decrease Speed Debuff from the Spirit CB, Sepulcher and Rhazin who are the main debuffer in the team can still weak hit and not apply their debuffs. Missing the important Atk Down can end the run early.

Godseeker Aniri cb teams

Godseeker Aniri Dungeon Runs

Dragon 20

Godseeker Aniri has a very good damage multiplier so in a Defense-based teams, she can also double as a good dps for your dungeon team.

Team Build

This is an example of an all Defense-based team for Dragon 20.

  1. Tayrel for AOE Defense Down.
  2. Wurlim for his buffs.
  3. Godseeker Aniri for healing, revive in case anyone dies and buff extension.
  4. Norog’s 40% Defense Dungeon Aura.

All these Champion are hard hitting Defense-based champions and synergize of each other. Mausoleum Mage supports the team with his Defensive Buffs to increase your Defense-based champion’s damage before they nuke, Heals, and Cleanse.

As you can see, this team does not have any poisoner and takes down the Dragon entirely from dealing Raw Damage. Defense-based champions build high defense for their damage which also naturally increases their survivability, so they are much easier to keep alive than Attack based counterparts. They are in no danger of dying throughout the entire fight and if they do die, Godseeker can revive them.

Godseeker Aniri dragon 20

Ice Golem 20

Similarly for Ice Golem 20, you can build a Defense-based team where she can also double as a really good damage dealer and provide support through healing and revives.

Team Build

  1. Stag Knight to provide AOE Def Down and ATK Down for further damage reduction and speeding up the runs.
  2. Wurlim to provide his useful buffs to improve the team’s survivability and damage and deal damage as well.
  3. Fenax to as the main damage dealer and utility of occasionally blocking the minions from reviving if he kills them.
  4. Mausoleum to provide his defensive buffs to improve the team’s survivability and occasionally block the freeze, heals and cleanse the debuffs placed on the team.
  5. Godseeker Aniri provides the same utility of healing, reviving in case someone dies and DPS.
Godseeker Aniri ice golem 20

Fire Knight 20

Fire Knight 20 requires more specialized champions, so we cannot just build a team of Defense-based champions. Her supportive utility of healing and reviving will shine more here but she will still offer a moderate amount of DPS for the waves.

Team Build

This is an example of a budget team with only Epics and Rares:

  1. Stag Knight for AOE Attack, Defense Down and Decrease Speed.
  2. Godseeker Aniri for heals, revive in case anyone dies, buff extension and some DPS.
  3. Fenax as the main DPS.
  4. Coldheart as the usual top champion for FK 20 with her multi-hit A1, Max HP Nuke and full TM depletion.
  5. Apothecary to increase speed, spot heal and multi-hit A1 to take down the FK’s shield.
Godseeker Aniri fire knight 20

Faction Wars

Godseeker Aniri is an excellent option of Sacred Order FW 21. She provides good damage, can survive well due to being Defense based, has heals and revive that are crucial to attain the 3 star completion. This is an example of a Sacred Order FW 21 team without any Legendary champions completing the stage on full auto.

Team Build

  1. Deacon Armstrong who provides AOE Dec Def, TM Boost, Enemy TM Decrease and a Speed Aura
  2. Fenax as a DPS, AOE Block Buff to prevent the Maneaters from placing Unkillable, and Block revives to prevent the Boss from reviving the hard-hitting minions.
  3. Armiger for TM control and Block revive against the hard-hitting minions.
  4. Inquisitor Shamael for single-target DPS that also prevents the boss from placing True Fear or Fear on the team.
  5. Godseeker Aniri provides healing, DPS, and Revives if your team somehow dies against the hard-hitting minions on this stage.

During the second wave, if Fenax is not able to land his block buffs, the Maneater may be able to place the unkillable buff. Armiger can constantly lower the TM of a mob with an unkillable buff causing it to never run out and failing the run. Secondly, your champions may not time their block revive ability on the mobs causing them to stay alive and revive constantly. Although the hard hitting mob attacks are random, you may get unlucky and your Godseeker Aniri might get killed right of the bat losing your only source of healing and revive.

Godseeker Aniri faction wars

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