Raid Shadow Legends: Rearguard Sergeant Champion Guide

Rearguard Sergeant is an epic force affinity champion from the Dwarves faction in Raid Shadow Legends. She is a defense focused champion and as such he is capable of tanking high amounts of damage for your team. She is also able to place important debuffs that can be crucial to your teams success. Her A3 is a signature skill, which can be used to place a 50% ally protection and 15% continuous heal buff on the team for 2 turns, although these buffs do not apply to Rearguard herself. All in all, Rearguard is a great champion, mainly for Clan Boss teams, of which we will cover in detail during this Rearguard champion guide.

Rearguard Stats Overview

Rearguard Sergeant avatar
  • Faction: Dwarves
  • Type: Defense
  • Affinity: Force
  • Rarity: Epic
  • HP: 18495
  • Attack: 859
  • Defense: 1211
  • Critical Rate: 15
  • Critical Damage: 50
  • Speed: 97
  • Resistance: 75
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Aura: Increase undefined Ally HP in by 33
  • Books to Max Skills: 13

Rearguard Skills Overview

Crushing Impact

A1: Crushing Impact

Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 40% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Damage +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +5%
  • Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Flail Master

A2: Flail Master

Attacks all enemies. Has a 50% chance of placing a 50% [Decrease ATK] debuff for 2 turns. Heals this Champion by 25% of the damage inflicted.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Damage +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +10%
  • Level 5: Damage +10%
  • Level 6: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
  • Level 7: Buff/Debuff Chance +15%
  • Level 8: Cooldown -1
Fend Them Off

A3: Fend Them Off

Places a 50% [Ally Protection] buff and a 15% [Continuous Heal] buff on all allies except this Champion for 2 turns.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
  • Level 3: Cooldown -1

Rearguard Sergeant Clan Boss Build Guide

This little dwarf lady is a valid alternative if you don’t have big bois for support such as Bad El Kazar or similar. Her kit provides some useful sustain. She can also be used as a backup attack down and def down hero. Last but not least, her DMG is surprisingly high when outfitted correctly!


Offence-Defense recommended if you want to maximize her damage and survivability on Ultra-Nightmare, but you can also build her with Offence-Support.

Offence is standard for clan boss:

  • [T1] – Deadly Precision, always pick crit rate over attack!
  • [T2] – Heart of Glory, 5% more damage is just good although she will not always be full hp during the fight due to her Ally protect. But she will eventually be, if you use her in a CounterAttack team. Keen Strike, 10% crit damage is the best choice for CB, always!
  • [T3] – Single Out, very handy when CB drops below 40%, and no better options to choose. Life Drinker for more heal, she needs a lot of healing after absorbing CB AoE(s) with her Ally Protect.
  • [T4] – Bring it Down, 6% more dmg cause CB will always have more HP than her! Wrath of the slain, cause no better options.
  • [T5] – Methodical, for 2 reasons: her A2 has very good multipliers and can proc some significative damage and we also need it in order to unlock Warmaster.
  • [T6] – Warmaster, easy pick as she has single hit A1.

For the Defense tree:

  • [T1] – Tough Skin, she scales with DEF and for sure we don’t need RES against CB.
  • [T2] – Blastproof, 5% damage reduction agst AoE hits is HUGE, especially if you think that she will be tanking those hits with her Ally Protect.
  • [T3] – Resurgent, cause no better options and it can be handy if for some reason the stun goes on her.
  • [T4] – Delay Death, will make our Rearguard more tanky and we need her to tank for days.
  • [T5] – Retribution, free counter attacks when she loses 25% hp, which will eventually happen when she has ally protect up. Deterrence, no better options and in case for some reason the stun goes on her, this will help!
Rearguard Sergeant clan boss masteries

Gear & Stats Build

For clan boss it is recommended to use Life Steal and speed set. Stat wise in order of importance try to reach the following milestons (stats for this build within parentheses):

  • SPEED (175, tune it according to your team setup)
  • DEF (3.5k)
  • HP (53k)
  • C.RATE (99%)
  • C.DMG (219%)
  • ACC (122)

Rearguard Sergeant is not an easy champion to build, you have to balance DEF and HP due to her ally protect, but at the same time you want her C.RATE and C.DMG to be as high as possible because she can bring some serious damage to the table in a well-built Counterattack team. Even Accuracy is important if you don’t have a consistent DEF down champ. She can also be used as attack down backup just in case your main debuffer doesn’t land it.

In this build ACC has been neglected as Sepulcher sentinel is used for ATK DOWN, Rhazin for DEF down and Weaken and Martyr for some backup on both (ATK and DEF down) and so C.RATE and C.DMG became the focus. Using a speed set SPD main stat on boots was replaced with DEF% instead. This makes her more tanky and increases her damage for a double advantage!

Recommended Main Stats

  • Boost: DEF%
  • Chest: HP%
  • Gloves: CR. DMG% gloves
  • Ring: HP%
  • Amulet: C.DMG
  • Banner: DEF (ACC if you need her debuffs)
Rearguard Sergeant clan boss gear and stats build

Strategy & Tactics

Rearguard Sergeant is one the most underrated champions in RAID. Although there are different alternatives to her, such as Jareg (who needs to be tuned 4:3) there are still several clan boss compositions and scenarios where she can shine an make the difference.

On Clan Boss at UNM level the damage from AOE attacks scales up extremely fast and he hits very hard in the later rounds. In those cases Ally Protection can save the team better than even having permanent Defence Up buffs. Rearguard Sergeant frequently saves the team and allows them to go past the 2 key UNM mark. A strong team composition for the fight can be seen in the image below, it includes champions such as:

Rearguard Sergeant clan boss team composition

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