RS3 Agility Training Guide

Agility is one of the many core skills that make up Runescape 3’s gameplay. This is a members only skill, that can be used to gain access to shortcuts found around Runescape. Players train this skill predominantly through the use of agility course. This guide aims to provide an overview of the best available training methods for Agility in RS3.

Fastest Agility Training Methods

Agility can be a slow skill to train when compared to many of the other skills. It is not buyable and is often considered a click intensive skill, with little time to be truly AFK. However, the fastest way of training the skill can be seen below.

LevelsAgility ActivityBase Agility Experience/Hour
1-30Nature Grotto Bridge Entrance22,000
30-50North Anachronia Agility Course30,000
50-52South Anachronia Agility Course35,000
52-65Wilderness Agility Course40,000
65-77Het’s Oasis Agility Course70,000
77-80Hefin Agility Course57,000 – 140,000
80-99+Anachronia Advanced Agility Course150,000+

Nature Grotto Bridge Entrance: Levels 1-30

nature grotto bridge rs3

At level 1 Agility, players can begin training at the Nature Grotto found in the Mort Myre Swamp of Morytania. The entrance to the Grotto is through a broken bridge, on the southern side. Jump back and forth over this bridge to gain 15 agility experience every time. It is not possible to fail this action and players can expect around 22,000 agility experience per hour.

North Anachronia Agility Course: Levels 30-50

At level 30, players should move to training via the North Anachronia Agility Course. This course provides an average of around 30,000 agility experience per hour. This is the fastest method between levels 30 and 50, at level 50 players can move to the southern section of the Anachronia Agility Course.

South Anachronia Agility Course: Levels 50-52

At level 50, players can move to the next area of the Anachronia Agility Course. This is best for training mid-levels as it provides 400 experience per completed lap as opposed to 150 per lap found at the northern course. Additionally, overall hourly rates are slightly higher, with around 35,000 agility experience per hour being realistic on this course.

rs3 wilderness agility course

Wilderness Agility Course: Levels 52-65

At level 52, players who want to receive the fastest agility experience rates should move to the Wilderness course. Since the area is in the deep wilderness, players should not bring any items they are not willing to lose. However, since obstacles can be failed regularly at these level brackets, it is highly recommended players bring their best food.

Using this course from level 52-65 agility will result in around 40,000 agility experience per hour. This is the base rate, it is possible to achieve higher with relevant boosts. The demonic skull can see players receive between 50,000 and 75,000 agility experience per hour, in this level bracket.

Het’s Oasis Agility Course: Levels 65-77

Het's Oasis Agility Course

The Het’s Oasis Agility Course can be used from level 65 agility onwards. It can be found in the Desert, opposite Al-Kharid, in the area that was formerly known as the Duel Arena.

Completing the entire course takes around 1 minute and 45 seconds when paying attention. A full lap will give the player a total of 2,045 experience, meaning it is possible to gain base agility experience of around 70k/hour.

Hefin Agility Course: Levels 77-80

hefin agility course

Level 77 agility is required to use the Hefin course, agility boosts will not work to gain access to this course. The course can be found in the Hefin district of Priffdinas. As such it also requires completion of the Plague’s End quest to access.

The amount of experience received here varies greatly, depending on the players current agility level and if any additional boosts are active. Agility juju potions and the Voice of seren have a significant impact on this course. Experience rates can start as low at 57,000 xp/hour but scale as high as 140,000 xp/hour.

hefin agility course exp per hour

Anachronia Advanced Agility Course: Levels 80-99+

The Anachronia agility course requires level 85 to complete a full lap, however, this level 85 requirement makes up a small section of the course. So, it is possible for players to start training here efficiently at level 80 agility, with the use of summer pies to boost the agility level to 85+ when needed.

Completing the entire course provides 15,500 agility experience, which equals a total of 20,040 agility experience when combining it with obstacle based exp. The faster you can complete laps the higher your experience rates will be. The nimble outfit, tier 3 Anachronia base camp, surge, bladed dive and the mobile invention perk are just a few of the things that can be leveraged for faster lap times.

Realistic experience rates are around 140,000 base agility xp/hour, but this can easily reach 185,000+ with the right unlocks and levels of attention. You can see a graph of experience rates based on lap completion times below.

anachronia experience per hour

Alternative Agility Training Methods

Not everyone likes to follow the established meta’s or fastest training routes. Its not unreasonable to want to look at some viable alternatives when training skills in Runescape and Agility training is no exception. Below are some popular alternative ways of training the skill.

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course: Levels 1-18

At level 1, beginners can decide to start their agility training at the Gnome Stronghold Course. While not as fast as the Nature Grotto bridge, this course does not have the quest requirements that the Nature Grotto does. Additionally, many players prefer the experience of traditional agility course training.

Expect around 6,800 experience per hour from this course. If you do not want to train via the Nature Grotto then at level 18 it is recommended to move on from this method by using the Watchtower Shortcut method.

watchtower agility shortcut

Watchtower Shortcut: Levels 18-30

At level 18, players should use the Trellis shortcut at the Watchtower. Players can find the Watertower just outside of the north-western part of Yanille. The Trellis is found on the north-eastern corner of the Tower.

Players training with this method can expect around 10,000 experience per hour. They will need to climb back down the ladder in the room they enter after climbing the Trellis and repeat the process. As the shortcut only works one way, but it is not possible to fail using this shortcut.

Penguin Agility Course: Levels 30-48/52+

The Penguin Agility Course becomes available to players who have completed the Cold War quest at level 30 agility. This course offers very competitive experience rates of up to 35,000 agility xp per hour. However, it requires far higher levels of concentration than other course, as players must pay significant attention when using stepping stones, icicles, icy hills and ice slopes.

Barbarian Outpost Course: Levels 35-48/52+

barbarian outpost agility course

The Barbarian Outpost Agility Course becomes available to players at level 35 agility. Providing the player has already completed the Bar Crawl mini-quest to gain access to the area.

Completing the course grants the player around 11,000 agility xp/hour at level 35, scaling to around 13,500 agility xp/hour at level 48. This is significantly slower than many other training methods, however, it is significantly less click-intensive than many alternatives at this level, such as the Penguin Course.

Ape atoll island agility course

Ape Atoll Agility Course: Levels 48-52/77+

From level 44 agility, players can start to use the Agility Course on Ape Atoll. Since the course is located on Ape Atoll, this will also require the partial or full completion of Monkey Madness quest. Also, the player will need to equip a small or medium ninja monkey greegree to use the course.

At level 48 agility, players can expect to gain around 30,000 agility experience per hour with this method. At level 70 agility it no longer becomes possible to fail obstacles on the course, as such experience rates jump to around 49,000 xp/hour.

Wilderness Course with Demonic Skull: Levels 52-77/80+

wildy agility course skull

This method can actually make up one of the best agility training methods for a significant proportion of your training. The Skull allows players to gain an additional 4% agility experience for every agility level over level 50 that the player has.

This means that a player with level 75 agility gains at least double experience from the course. Experience rates at level 65 start at around 90,000 per hour. However, it is worth noting this can be significantly more expensive as the skull costs 550,000 gp each time and is always lost on death. Additionally, the time loss and inconvenience of being killed by a player may significantly effect your experience rates.

wildy course agility exp rates with skull

Serenity Posts: Levels 75+

serenity posts rs3

Serenity posts are an agility activity that can be done once per day. They are located in the Hefin Clan district of Prifddinas, so completion of Plague’s End is required for this alternative training method.

It is possible to gain a maximum of 20,000 agility experience daily with the Serenity Posts. The activity takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, meaning the theoretically hourly experience rate is around 120,000 xp/hour.

Agility Equipment

Agility SkillcapePrevents the player from failing any agility obstacles (does not include the Agility Pyramid sliding block, Obstacles at the Flash Powder Factory or the Brimhaven Arena sawblade).
Summer PiesWhen consumed provide a visible +5 agility boost for 5 minutes.
Nimble Outfit+6% bonus experience to agility when full set is worn or +1% per individual item worn.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to agility depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 firemaking to use.
Toadflax Incense SticksUp to 50% chance to avoid failing an agility obstacle. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 30 firemaking to use.
Inspire LovePlayers with level 116 Archaeology can use Inspire Love relic power to provide a 2% experience boost to agility.