RS3 Best AFK Training Methods

Ever since Runescape 3 has been around there has always been two types of playing styles that people alternate between. Which is high attention and intensity playing and AFK or low intensity playing. Each has its own benefit at different times. An AFK playing style is great for players who want to maintain account progression, while doing other real world activities, whether that be studying, working or watching a film.

This guide will cover the best AFK training methods in Runescape 3 and how you can use them to your advantage.

What are the Best AFK Training Methods?

  • Abyss Combat Training
  • Elder Trees with Adze
  • Seren Stones
  • Smelting Corrupted Ore
  • Harmonic Harps
  • Bonfire Firemaking
  • Uncharted Isles Skilling

Abyss Combat Training

Monsters in the Abyss remain aggressive to the player for between 10 and 30 minutes. This paired with the fact there is large volumes of monsters in a small area makes the abyss great for afk combat training.

Players should set up in the southern area’s of the Abyss, as shown in the image below. Here they can attack up to and over 15+ aggressive abyssal creatures at once. Ensure you are using corruption blast and corruption shot if training mage or range as it increases exp/hour by 28%. Additionally, a blood amulet of fury or bunyip is essential so that you heal enough hp passively to remain AFK for the duration of the aggression timer.

abyss afk hot spots
Best AFK areas in the Abyss for combat training

Elder Trees with Adze

At level 90 Woodcutting players can chop Elder Trees for a super AFK experience. They provide a total of around 150,000 base woodcutting experience per hour and it is possible to be fully AFK for up to 5 minutes using this method.

Once you begin chopping an elder tree, a silent timer of five minutes will begin to count down until the tree dies. After the 5 minutes is up, you will need to quickly travel to a new Elder Tree location, as you will need to wait 10 minutes for the current one to re-grow. This takes very little time as numerous locations are near common teleports. Players with a Superior Locator can teleport directly to a new Elder Tree location.

The Inferno Adze is particularly useful here, as it provides a 1/3 chance the log received will be automatically incinerated for firemaking experience. This reduces the amount of logs in the inventory. Additionally, players can make use of the Signs of the Porter pocket slot and Juju woodcutting potions to automatically transport elder logs to the bank.

Mining Seren Stones

seren stones

Mining the Seren Stones in Priffdinas is one of the most afk mining training methods in RS3. Using this method it is possible to get around 180,000 base mining experience per hour. However, players will need at least level 89 mining and have access to the Elf City which requires completion of the Plague’s End quest.

This training method is good for a number of reasosn. Firstly, the mining experience is relatively efficient and actually one of the best mining methods between levels 89 and 97. Moreover, the method is free to do and extremely AFK. Players can spend between 1 and 5 minutes completely AFK at a time and the ore’s received are all stackable within the inventory.

Smelting Corrupted Ore

corrupted ore

When mining Seren Stones players will receive Corrupted Ore, this is an untradeable Ore. It can however be smelted at a furnace as a method of training smithing in RS3. It can provide around 240,000 base smithing experience per hour. Although with efficient use of urns and the voice of seren, players can easily reach up to 345,000 per hour. To smelt the Ore you will also need at least level 89 Smithing.

Each Ore takes 4 game ticks or 2.4 seconds to smelt, with a maximum of 100 ores being smelted at once before the player must re-engage with the furnace. This gives a total of 4 full minutes that can be spent away from the screen. This means only 15 clicks are needed every hour of training and players can spend around 59.5 minutes of the hour fully AFK.

Harmonic Harps

harmonic harp rs3

The Harmonic Harp is a viable AFK training method for Crafting in RS3. It provides slow experience rates of only around 50,000 base xp/hour. Also, the player will gain some small amounts of construction experience when they re-tune the harp. Players will also require access to Priffdinas and at least level 75 Crafting.

While the average experience rates are significantly slower than traditional methods, this benefits from being completely free to do. Crafting can be both an expensive and intense skill to train, so the change is welcomed by many players. The method allows you to be fully AFK for between 2 and 5 minutes. Players will also gain harmonic dust as they train, this is useful for making crystal tools, armour and weapons.

Bonfire Firemaking

rs3 bonfire

Training Firemaking in RS3 is already well-known as being a fairly AFK skill. With the bonfire strategy being the most AFK of them all. This is where players add logs to the same fire, as opposed to the traditional method of lighting fires in a line.

Using this method it is always recommended that players use the highest tier log available to them for the best experience rates. It is possible to gain experience rates up to 445,000 base firemaking experience per hour with elder logs. Players will typically be able to AFK for just under 2 minutes, before needing to quickly bank for a restock of logs.

Access to Priffdinas is advantageous but not necessary, as the bonfires in the Elf City have the potential to save logs.

Uncharted Isles Skilling

The Uncharted Isle is a high-level skilling destination for Woodcutting, Fishing, Divination, Mining, Hunter and Farming. Players will venture to islands and find randomly generated resource hotspots. These resources can be gathered for high rates of experience in the associated skill.

When training/gathering at the hotspot, players will be able to AFK for a full five minutes before needing to move and locate a new area. It is recommended players use median expeditions when selecting their type of voyage. Experience rates vary widely based on the skill and resource.

uncharted isles