RS3 Zamorak Lord of Chaos Guide

Zamorak is a enrage scaling boss for 1-5 people in Runescape 3. In order to be able to fight Zamorak you have to clear an elite dungeon. After 25 successful clears of the dungeon and killing Zamorak at the end you will be able to bypass the elite dungeon and fight Zamorak directly each time.

Zamorak is a highly lucrative boss to kill and one of the best money makers in RS3. His standard loot table is strong but he also has the ability to drop important PVM items. He can drop the components to make the Last Guardian’s Bow, which is the one of the best ranged weapons. He can also drop the individual pieces of the vestments set, which is the best melee armour in RS3. This guide will be focusing on the mechanics of the boss fight.

Zamorak Mechanics & Strategy

Zamorak is located in a crater in the middle of the wilderness (Don’t worry it is a safe location). When you first enter the fight you will notice 6 pads along the south of the room. At each pad there will be a chaos witch that needs to be killed in order to start the fight. The room looks like this:

zamorak lord of chaos map


Each pad is a rune that has an edict and hex associated with it. The list of the hexes and edicts are below. The way people refer to pads are as follows:

  • 1 is Twinshot
  • 2 is Smite
  • 3 is Coven
  • 4 is Disintegrate
  • 5 is Chaos Traps
  • 6 is Affliction
TwinshotPlayers’ basic abilities generate 2% more adrenaline per stack.Zamorak’s attacks deal a second hit at 10% of the original hit, per stack.
SmiteYour ability cooldowns are reduced by 20% of the original cooldown per stack.If Zamorak’s targets are hit below 5% (per stack) of their constitution level, they’ll be executed instantly.
CovenWhen standing near a hexed rune, you deal and take 5% more damage.Zamorak calls forth some of his coven to support him.
DisintegrateAfter casting an ultimate ability, your next basic consumes guardian’s triumph, increases the damage it deals by 20% damage and heals you for 8% of your missing LP per stack.Zamorak’s attacks push 7% of damage through any shielding effects, per stack.
Chaos TrapsTemporarily siphon the dwindling defensive power from the sword, dealing and taking 5% less damage while standing near it.Upon activation, Zamorak spawns traps across the arena that deal spike magic damage as you walk over them.
AfflictionWhile below 60% lifepoints, outgoing damage is increased by 6% per stack.When Zamorak’s targets heal, the amount will be reduced by 10% per stack.

As you can see every rune has a benefit to you and a benefit to Zamorak. In lower enrages the order in which you charge the pads does not matter nearly as much. Once you’re over 100% the pad order becomes very important. This will be discussed later in the guide. As you gain more experience you will develop an order that works well for you.

Zamoraks Health

Zamorak has 3 different health bars used throughout the fight. His main bar is a green bar that has yellow arrows pointing at his health cap for each phase. Once he reaches the health cap a gray bar pops up. This needs to be depleted in combination with killing the witch up to advance past this. The bar will turn red when you charge a pad which is needed to advance a phase. This is explained in more detail below.

Charging The Pads

Everytime you charge a pad you gain a stack on the hexs/edicts (Only applies to Twinshot, Smite, Disintegrate and Affliction) that you have already charged. Upon successful charging of the pads you gain 100% adrenaline.

Zamorak Phases

Under 100% enrage Zamorak has 6 phases. Each phase occurs when you charge a pad. Once over 100% enrage he gains a 7th phase which will be discussed later on.

Zamoraks attacks

zamorak auto attack

Zamorak follows a basic auto-attack pattern of 5 Magic attacks then 5 Ranged attacks. He weaves in special attacks between the autos. Below is a list of all currently known Zamorak special attacks.

Witching (Also called elfing)

witching attack

After you charge each pad and hit Zamoraks hit cap for the phase a gray bar will appear. If you go to the next pad to try to charge it a message will pop up saying “Zamoraks connection to the rune is too strong” When this happens someone will need to click the extra action button to go up to the Infernus. Upon entering the Infernus it is highly recommended to use anticipation / Freedom and then Surge to the witch in the middle.

Your goal is to kill the witch as quickly as possible and click the extra action bar to go back down. After the witch is dead you can start charging the next pad. When the pad is fully charged Zamoraks health bar will change from gray to red. This means you are able to damage him into the next phase. If nobody goes up and kills the witch his health won’t drop below 1 and he will constantly heal.


decimate attack

Zamorak will yell “The world will burn.” and slam into the ground, dealing 2 melee hits and spawning black smoke between a randomly selected player and Zamorak. This attack is easily negated by using deflect melee. Upon getting hit with the black smoke you will gain a bomb over your head. The bomb only affects you and doesn’t hit your team. (If you go up to witch with the bomb on you it will immediately explode for increased damage).

Flames of Zamorak

Flames of Zamorak

Zamorak will say “Chaos, unfettered! “then drop the prayers of those affected by the attack, preparing to bombard players with heavy magic attacks. A yellow circle will appear underneath the base. This signals where Zamorak is going to attack. If you leave this circle your team gets hit very hard and it affects their adrenaline gain. The damage is very easy to tank by simply using deflect magic and devotion to negate the damage.

Chaos Blast

Chaos Blast

Zamorak will charge up his attack shouting I will tear you asunder! At this point Zamorak needs to be stunned (Amount of stuns needed = team size) After you stun him a message will pop up saying “deal XXXX amount of damage to Zamorak”. Upon doing this Zamorak will shoot a red mist at you that deals typeless damage. The damage is based on the amount of time it took to interrupt Zamorak. At lower enrage this attack can be dealt with a resonance or disruption shield to lower the damage taken.

Infernal Tomb

Infernal Tomb

Zamorak will target players, assign a rune to them overhead and transport them to Infernus where greater demons are marching towards the portal to the main arena. When he sends you up he will also start a Chaos Blast special attack. Players have two options (strategy should be discussed in the group before) you can either immediately go to the rune you have and teleport down to stun Zamorak then one person goes back up with the extra action button to attack the demons, or you can kill the demons first before going to the rune and teleporting down to stun Zamorak. His red mist attack should be dealt with the same way listed above in Chaos Blast.

Corrupted Rune

Corrupted Rune

Zamorak will yell “You’re already dead.” and lay a massive red rune around him, with a gap between two circles. Black smoke will run clockwise or counterclockwise sometimes changing direction and applies stuns to those caught in it. Standing in the red areas will deal rapid soft typeless damage. The player cannot teleport to Infernus and runes cannot be charged for the duration of the attack.

P7/100%+ Enrage

Once you achieve 100% enrage at Zamorak he gains another phase. P7 is very similar to Solaks P4 but with some key differences. Upon clearing P6 Zamorak will suck you up into the infernus. This is the beginning of P7. The goal of this phase is to attack the runes to disrupt Zamorak and then deal as much damage as possible to finish the kill. A couple things happen at the start of P7 listed below:

  1. The stacks you had on your edicts/hexes REVERSE. This is why pad order matters so much more when you’re over 100% enrage. These buffs/debuffs affect you differently.
  2. All the runes in the infernus will be attackable and a demon will spawn.

The first thing to do when you start p7 is to kill the demon. After killing the demon Zamorak will start calling forth runes (The amount of runes are equal to team size except in solo where it is 2) You have to kill the runes in the order in which they are shown (The same rune can be chosen twice). Killing them out of order will result in Zamorak hitting you with a strong typeless hit. While you are killing the runes you will notice a red bar over Zamoraks health filling up. This is directly related to the runes/how long you take to kill them. The faster you go the less full the bar will be. After you kill the runes you have to deal damage quickly to Zamorak. Failing to deal the damage to Zamorak before he becomes invulnerable results in you having to repeat everything again.

After Killing The Runes

After you kill the runes Zamorak will become vulnerable. He will also be attacking you while you try to DPS him down. His first attack is a melee slam which you need to deflect melee in order to survive. Immediately following that he will release a red mist attack. This is typeless damage based on how long it took you to kill the runes. As long as you are quick to kill the runes a simple vitality, will be enough to survive.

Example Video Kill