OSRS Blowing Glass

Glass Blowing in OSRS is a well known AFK training method for the Crafting skill. It offers slow experience rates, but benefits from a very low amount of attention and capital being required. The method is very cheap and can be started at level 1. This post will provide a full overview of how to blow glass in OSRS.

How to Blow Glass in OSRS?

  1. Obtain Molten Glass and a Glassblowing Pipe
  2. Use the pipe on the glass
  3. Select the item you want to create

How many Glass items can you blow per hour?

With moderate levels of concentration, expect to craft up to 1,800 glass items per hour.

Crafting Xp per hour with Blowing Glass

At level 1 it is possible to get up to 30,000 crafting xp per hour when blowing glass. This scales up as you unlock better items to craft, with around 122,500 crafting experience per hour at level 87.

A breakdown of all the different experience rates can be seen below.

Blowing Glass XP per hour
XP per hour

Profit/Loss per xp

There is almost always a small loss associated with glass blowing in OSRS. Although, this is relatively insignificant in comparison to other methods. Crafting is a buyable skill, therefore, you won’t find many methods more cost efficient than this.

Always check current Grand Exchange prices to ensure the method is worthwhile.

OSRS Cost when training crafting via Blowing Glass
Cost when training crafting via Blowing Glass