OSRS Bryophyta Guide

Bryophyta is Oldschool Runescape’s moss giant boss. Representing the second f2p giant boss in the game, followed by Obor. Due to the f2p nature of this boss, it is a very easy boss to kill. But, is seen as a good introduction to bossing for new and f2p players.

She also drops the Bryophyta’s essence, used to make the Bryophyta’s Staff. This is one of the most expensive drops in the f2p worlds, making it a viable route for f2p members looking to achieve their first bond.

How to get to Bryophyta in OSRS?

Bryophyta is located within her lair, in the Varrock Sewers. You must have already obtained a mossy key from moss giants in order to access the lair and fight her.

You will also need a knife or slash weapon to slash the webs to reach the lair via the Sewers.

OSRS Bryophyta location
Bryophyta location

Bryophyta Gear Setup – f2p

OSRS Bryophyta Gear Setup - f2p
OSRS Bryophyta Gear Setup
  • As this is a free to play boss, a f2p gear perspective is shown. If you are using members worlds, bring your best melee weapon, magic defence gear and food.

Bryophyta Mechanics

  • Use protect from magic immediately upon entering the lair and begin attack Bryophyta.
  • During the fight she will summon three growthlings, they must be killed before Bryophyta can take more damage. Grab the bronze axe from the spawn point with in the lair. Right click the bronze axe and use it on the growthlings to kill them. Once killed attack Bryophyta again until she is dead. If growthlings are respawned then do the same as before to kill them.
  • Note; If fighting on members worlds, she is capable of poisoning players, so you can bring anti-poison.

Bryophyta FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill Bryophyta for the first time.

What level should I be to fight Bryophyta?

The recommended stats for killing Bryophyta is; 50 strength, attack and defence as a minimum. 37 prayer is also highly recommended for protect from magic.

Best place to farm Mossy Keys?

Farm mossy keys north of the Black Chinchompa spot in the wilderness. As their drop rate is halved in the wilderness making it the best place to kill them.

What to do with mossy key osrs?

Mossy key is required to unlock the gate to fight the Bryophyta.