OSRS Crafting D’hide Bodies

Crafting D’hide Bodies is currently one of the fastest training methods for crafting in OSRS. At level 63 Crafting, players can craft Green D’hide Bodies, with the highest tier, the black D’hide Body, being unlocked at level 84. This post will provide an overview of how to craft D’hide Bodies in OSRS.

How to craft D’hide Bodies in OSRS?

  1. Obtain a needle, thread and 3 dragon leather per body
  2. Use the needle on the leather
  3. Make as many D’hide Bodies as you need

How many D’hide Bodies can you craft per hour?

Assuming maximum efficiency when banking, players can craft 1,650 D’hide Bodies per hour. Although, the average player will normally get around 1,500 per hour with moderate concentration.

Crafting Xp per hour with D’hide Bodies

At level 63 crafting, players can expect around 300,000 crafting xp per hour. Scaling all the way to 425,000 xp per hour when using black D’hide Bodies at level 84 crafting.

D'hide Bodies crafting xp per hour osrs
XP per hour

Green and blue D’hide Bodies are comparable to crafting battlestaves. Therefore, the decision of what to craft should be based on current Grand Exchange prices. Find the method that maximises profit or reduces losses the most.

Profit/Loss per xp

Crafting black D’hide Bodies is the only method that can take a significant loss. Therefore, it may be better to stay with Red D’hide Bodies in the long run. As they are only slightly less xp per hour, but cost significantly less.

Always check current Grand Exchange prices to ensure the method is worthwhile.

osrs Cost when training crafting via D'hide Bodies
Cost when training crafting via D’hide Bodies