OSRS Dragon Claws

The Dragon Claws are a set of claws created from dragon metal. They require a minimum of level 60 attack to be used and are only obtained as a unique reward from the Chambers of Xeric.

Their standard attack is not impressive and they are generally not used anywhere in game for their standard attack. However, their special attack is extremely powerful, dealing huge amounts of damage in quick succession. Making them a great special attack weapon for different pking builds, in addition to PVM situations where a high damage spec weapon is required.

Dragon Claws Stats

OSRS Dragon Claws Item Stats
Dragon Claws Stats

As previously mentioned, their stats on the surface are not too impressive. The real benefit from dragon claws comes in the form of their special attack.

Claws Special Attack

The Dragon Claws have a very unique special attack called slice and dice. This drains 50% of the special attack energy each time. The attack will hit the opponent a total of four times in rapid succession.

The damage dealt on the first hit is 100% of the max hit, the second hit is 50% of the damage and the remaining 2 hits deal 25% of the damage.

OSRS Claws Special Attack in action
Claws Special Attack in action

Each of the four attacks has the same accuracy as a standard attack until one lands successfully. When it lands all of the remaining attacks will always be successful. For example, if the first attack lands then damage can look something like 40-20-10-10.

Are they worth it?

Yes, dragon claws are one of the best special attack weapons in Oldschool Runescape. They are particularly effective at locations where the opponent has a low defense level and defence reducing special attacks are not needed. This makes them a great tool to be used by any competent pvmer or pker.

Dragon Claws uses – where is it good?