OSRS Magic Training Guide

Magic is one of the three main methods of dealing damage to opponents found in OSRS, alongside ranged and melee. It can also provide utility to players through various spells, teleports and bonuses. So, training magic to a high level is critical for account progression. This Magic Training guide will show you the best magic training strategies from level 1 to 99 in OSRS.

Fastest Magic Training Methods

Questing: level 1 – 34

Questing is one of the most efficient ways to train early levels. Completing the following quests will boost your magic level from 1 to 34 in essentially 0 time, as many of these quests will be needed at a later date:

  • Witch’s Potion
  • Imp Catcher
  • The Grand Tree
  • Fairytale I – Growing Pains
  • Watchtower
  • Lumbridge Guide subquest of Recipe for Disaster

Killing Crabs: level 1 – 55/70

Killing Crabs is one of the best low to mid level magic training methods in OSRS. It can be done from level 1 if you choose against questing, although, this is not advised. Crabs have high hitpoints, low offensive and defensive stats, making them perfect for training combat skills such as magic.

They are also an aggressive monster, so players an go afk for up to 10 minutes if they have auto-retaliate on. Some defence levels are advised if going fully afk (30+ def) to ensure you don’t accidently die. Different types of crabs can be found at the following locations:

Maniacal Monkeys: level 70+

osrs maniacal monkeys

Killing Maniacal Monkeys with Ice Barrage spells provides the fastest magic training experience in OSRS. Players can expect up to 400,000 exp per hour using Ice Barrage at level 94 or around 310,000 magic exp/hour with Ice Burst spells.

This is the best option for training the skill in a non-passive way. However, for Maniacal Monkeys access, you will need to have partially completed Monkey Madness II, up until reaching Kruk’s Dungeon. In his Dungeon you will be able to find huge volumes of Maniacal Monkeys in a multi-combat setting, allowing you to hit them all with AOE spells for huge damage and experience.

Passive Training Methods for Magic in OSRS

Magic is one of the few skills in OSRS that can be trained passively. To train passively means that you can effectively train the skill without investing any real time into it directly. Making it possible to get 1-99 in effectively 0 time if done efficiently. Some of these methods are noted below.

Splashing: Levels 1+

Splashing is a super AFK method used to train magic. The method involves lowering your magic attack bonus to -64 or lower. This gives a 100% chance to splash every combat based spell, meaning 0 damage is done to the opponent but the experience is still granted. This allows players to AFK for up to 20 minutes of continuous combat, before you are logged out for inactivity (unless you have interacted with the game.

Players can use this method to gain between 6,000 and 75,000 magic experience per hour. The higher level of spell you use, generally results in higher experience rates.

High Level Alchemy Spell: level 55+

At level 55 it is possible to use the high alchemy spell on various items to turn them into coins. This spell can be done while performing activities such as questing, agility training, farm runs or birdhouse runs and even between combat attacks.

Using high alchemy it is possible to get around 65,000 magic experience per hour, although this will be decreased slightly depending on the intensity of the activity you pair it with. Players can also make a small amount of profit, providing they select the right items to alch.

high alch spell osrs
High Alchemy Spell

Bake Pie Spell: level 65+

With completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest players can use the Bake Pie Spell. This needs to be used primarily as a cooking training method, as it offers good cooking exp/hour. If this is done then players can also benefit from around 113,000 magic experience per hour passively with this spell.

Slayer Training: level 70+

Arguably the most popular way to train magic at high levels is through slayer tasks. This allows players to train both skills simultaneously in a fun and non-monotonous way.

One of the fastest methods of training slayer and magic is through burst or barrage spells. So on slayer tasks where this is possible to do, players can get extremely high experience rates. Some of these tasks include Nechryaels, Abyssal Demons, Smoke Devils, Dust Devils and more.

Additionally, since many of these high level slayer monsters offer lucrative regular drop tables it can minimise the cost of runes and often even result in a net profit.

Magic Imbue Spell: level 82+

Magic Imbue can be cast every 12.6 seconds (21 ticks) and provides around 24,000 magic experience per hour. While this may seem underwhelming, the spell is required for runecrafting lava runes anyway, which is the fastest runecrafting training method in OSRS. Which means it is easy for players to train magic passively on their way to 99 RC. Although, this spell also requires completion of Lunar Diplomacy.

osrs magic imbue
Magic Imbue Spell