Raid Shadow Legends: Doompriest Champion Guide

Doompriest is an epic support champion from the Knights Revenant Fraction in Raid Shadow Legends. If clan boss affinity changes to either magic, force or spirit, she becomes one of the most important champions to take. This is due to her passive effect being especially strong under these conditions, as it will cleanse 1 debuff off of every ally with every turn she takes. Doompriest is highly versatile for late game dungeon runs and can be taken on many of the popular dungeons. This guide will include information on Doompriest in dungeons such as; dragon, ice golem, nether spider, celestial griffin, frost spider, eternal dragon and fraction wars.

Doompriest Stats Overview

doompriest avatar
  • Faction: Knights Revenant
  • Type: Support
  • Affinity: Force
  • Rarity: Epic
  • HP: 19320
  • Attack: 980
  • Defense: 1035
  • Critical Rate: 15
  • Critical Damage: 50
  • Speed: 100
  • Resistance: 30
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Aura: Increase undefined Ally SPD in by 15
  • Books to Max Skills: 5

Doompriest Skills Overview

Fate Weave

A1: Fate Weave

Attacks 1 enemy. If the hit is critical, places a 15% [Increase C. RATE] buff on a random ally for 2 turns.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Damage +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +5%
  • Level 5: Damage +5%
Mass Possession

A2: Mass Possession

Places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff on all allies for 2 turns.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
Bolster [P]

A3: Bolster [P]

Heals all allies by 7.5% of their HP and removes 1 random debuff from them at the start of this Champion’s turn.

Upgrades as follows:

  • No books needed.

Doompriest Late Game+ Guide

Doompriest is a Force Affinity Epic Champion from the Knight Revenants Faction with a simple yet effective skill kit.

Her A1 and A2, are mostly irrelevant but her Passive ability is what makes this champion shine. Her passive heals and cleanses random debuffs on all allies every time she takes a turn. It turns out that cleansing a random debuffs from all allies every turn is an incredibly useful ability to have in a team as it helps negate the core mechanic of almost all the bosses in the game.

This guide will feature Doompriest in different areas of the game. Her main role in the team is always to cleanse and heal your team, so anywhere a constant cleanse is required, she will be useful. This includes Ice Golem, Dragon, Faction wars, Clan Boss, and most of the Doom Tower Bosses.


Masteries are actually not important for Doompriest but can definitely improve her performance if you decide to invest in her. Masteries on Doompriest are straightforward. Take the Offense and Defense Tree. In the Offense Tree, the PVE damage dealing masteries are chosen. Crit Rate, Crit Damage and all the damage increasing masteries on the left down to Warmaster since she doesn’t really do much raw damage.

In the Defense Tree, take the Damage mitigation mastery in Tough Skin, Blastproof, Delayed Death to improve survivability into Cycle of Revenge for TM increase to take as many turns as possible.

If you are using her for CB, avoid Cycle of Revenge and instead take the Counterattack masteries as the TM boost can break your speed tune. This is covered in the CB portion of the guide.

doompriest late game masteries

Gear & Stats Build

Gearing Doompriest is also quite simple. You want to build her with high speed and survivability. Around 230+ speed with decent survivability, 3k+ DEF, 40k+ HP is recommended for Late Game+.

Offensive stats do not matter as she does not do any damage. The best set to have on her is Relentless and Speed as her passive triggers every extra turn. Prioritize building the recommended stats on her. Do not build her in Relentless if you cannot achieve a decent number of recommended stats. Full Speed set is recommended if you cannot achieve the stats in Relentless.

If you are using her in a non-unkillable CB team, build her in Lifesteal instead. Keep the focus on the defensive stats for the CB level you are hitting (3k+ Def for NM, 4k+ Def for UNM) and the speed you need for your CB team. There are many types of CB teams where Doompriest can fit in. Generally her main role will be to cleanse the affinity debuff and stun the CB places on your team. To do that, she needs to be tuned to take her turn right after the CB so she can cleanse all the debuffs the CB places on your team immediately. This usually means she has to be fastest but it is not always the case. Always check your speed tune is a Clan Boss calculator to make sure she takes her turn right after the CB goes.

Recommended Main Stats

  • Glove: HP%/Def%
  • Chest: HP%/Def%
  • Boots: Speed
  • Ring: HP/Def
  • Amulet: HP/Def
  • Banner: HP/Def
doompriest build late game

Doompriest Guide for Clan Boss

If you are using Doompriest for CB, the masteries will be slightly different.


We will still be taking the Offense and Defense Tree. The offense tree will be the same with taking the Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and all the left CB damage increasing masteries down to T6 Warmaster. The defense tree will also be the same with taking the damage mitigation masteries in Tough Skin, Blastproof, Resurgent and Delayed Death. But for the T5 masteries, avoid Cycle of Revenge as it is a TM boosting Mastery. Doompriest will always be used in a Speed Tuned team so the TM boost will break your rotation. Instead take the CA masteries in Retribution and Deterrence.

It is suggested to take the Deterrence mastery on all your CB champions in teams with Doompriest as you will be taking the stun so, everyone in your team has a 20% chance to Counterattack for more DPS. On teams that use Block Debuff, the stun never happens so this mastery actually doesn’t do anything.

doompriest masteries clan boss

Gear & Stats Build

For this Counterattack CB build, Lifesteal set is a must. Defensive stats for the CB level you are hitting are important (3k+ Def for NM, 4k+ Def for UNM) and the speed you need for your CB team depends on your team composition.

There are many types of CB team Doompriest can be used in but generally, she should be the fastest in your team to take her turn right after the CB so she can cleanse all the debuffs and stun the CB places on your team immediately.

Recommended Main Stats

  • Glove: Def%
  • Chest: Def%
  • Boots: Def %/Speed
  • Ring: Def
  • Amulet: Def
  • Banner: Def
doompriest clan boss build

Doompriest Late Game+ Dungeon Runs

Dragon 20

In the Dragon dungeon, Doompriest provides the same utility with the constant healing and cleanse to remove Decrease Def debuffs on the Waves and Poisons from the Dragon. She can also place Increase Atk on your team if you have an ATK based champion on your team for additional damage.

Team Composition

  • Doompriest provides the utility mentioned above.
  • Zargala places AOE Def Down and deal damage for faster clears.
  • Kael provides AOE damage on the Waves and Poisons for the Dragon.
  • Frozen Banshee purely for the Poisons on the Dragon.
  • Apothecary for support through increase speed and healing.
doompriest dragon 20 dungeon runs

Celestial Griffin

Doompriest is an incredibly useful champion, almost a must have against most of the Doom Tower Bosses. Since most of the Doom Tower bosses’ mechanic revolves around the debuffs that they place. Doompriest being able to cleanse them as a passive makes her a valuable champion to have on your team.

Team Composition

An example of a team used for Hard Stage 90 Celestial Griffin is as follows:

  1. Scyl of the Drakes
  2. Rotos
  3. Norog
  4. Drexthar
  5. Doompriest

Doompriest provides support with constant heals and cleanse the debuffs places and transferred back to your team each turn. Scyl provides additional support to the team also with her constant heals, increase speed, and emergency revives. Norog provide passive team damage reduction and is a secondary DPS for the Boss. His passive is even more effective here at providing the full 25% damage reduction because the Griffin constantly strips buffs. Rotos and Drexthar provide DPS.

doompriest Nether Spider dungeon runs

Ice Golem 20

In Ice Golem, Doompriest’s utility is the constant heal she provides and cleanse to remove Freeze and Decrease Def from your team. She can also place Increase Atk on your team if you have ATK based champion in your team for added damage. She is weak affinity for this dungeon level. However, Doompriest is tanky enough to withstand most nukes in this dungeon

Team Composition

  1. Doompriest provides the utility mentioned above.
  2. Stag Knight provide AOE Def Down and ATK Down for further damage reduction and speeding up the runs.
  3. Dark Elhain is a damage dealer that can utilize her passive to convert the Freeze debuff into damage on the boss stage.
  4. Fenax is also a damage dealer with added utility to kill off the minions and block revive.
  5. Scyl provides additional support through passive healing, CC, and backup resurrection if things go South.
doompriest ice golem 20 dungeon runs

Frost Spider

Against the Frost Spider in Doom Tower, Doompriest can cleanse the debuffs the Spider places, especially the Freeze on your team, and provides a constant source of healing.

Team Composition

An example of a team used for Hard Stage 120 Frost Spider is as follows:

  1. Arbiter
  2. Tyrant
  3. Lydia
  4. Mausoleum Mage
  5. Doompriest

Tyrant provides the main damage through his HP Burns and everyone else is there to support. AOE damage reduction helps on the boss stage. Mausoleum Mage and Doompriest to cleanse and heal Arbiter to Heal, Boost TM and revive in case anyone dies, and Lydia to block the Frost Spider from Reviving due to the lack of HP burn on the boss.

doompriest Nether Spider dungeon runs

Nether Spider

With the change to the Nether Spider’s boss mechanic where full TM reduction strategies are no longer viable, AOE HP Burn strategies are now one of the best strategies to deal with this Boss. The AOE HP Burn strategy revolves around surviving throughout the fight long enough for the HP Burn ticks to kill the Spider. In order to survive long, Debuff cleanse is extremely important component to have in your team and Doompriest provides that.

Team Composition

An example of a team used for Hard Stage 110 Nether Spider is as follows:

  1. Doompriest
  2. Elder Skarg
  3. Venus
  4. Mausoleum Mage
  5. Runekeeper Dazdurk

The team is built to enable the Elder Skaarg HP Burn Strategy in Hard Nether Spider Stage 110. Venus is mainly in the team to provide enough debuffs on the boss to activate Elder Skarg’s AOE HP Burn. Although Venus has a AOE HP Burn herself, her AI will not use it as the spiderlings have counterattack. Doompriest is here for the same utility of providing constant heals and debuff removal. However, Doompriest only cleanses 1 debuff per turn and this Boss is notorious for placing tons of Poisons on your team. Hence, two full debuff cleansers are also used in this team, Mausoleum Mage and Runekeeper Dazdurk. Doompriest help cleanses the debuffs in between both of the full debuff cleanse champions’ cooldowns.

doompriest dragon 20 dungeon runs

Eternal Dragon

The Eternal Dragon is a Final Boss of one of the Doom Tower rotations. He is certainly very difficult to fight for 2 main reasons:

  • Your main skills are put on cooldown or blocked
  • The Boss hits extremely hard and his Guards can put Decrease Defense and Provoke on your team

To deal with this, you want champions with strong passives or strong A1. And Doompriest fits this role perfectly as she can remove a debuff on all Allies with her passive, she can cleanse the Decrease Defense from your champions, allowing them to survive and she can provide some healing.

Team Composition

The team showcased was picked with very particular roles in mind:

  1. Ursala provides a Speed aura for the team. Built with high Resistance, she can use her skills most of the time to boost survivability with her Decrease Attack, Increase Defense, Strengthen and Revive skills
  2. Jareg provides a Decrease Attack, very important against this Boss. He also provides Increase Defense, Ally Protection and passively puts up Continuous Heal. He also has decent Resistance to keep his skills as much as possible. Built in Stalwart to mitigate AoE Damage
  3. Drexthar provides the damage needed to kill the boss with his HP Burn on A1 or from his passive application to ads. Built in Lifesteal to sustain himself against other Bosses as well
  4. Vrask is the main healer from the team and provides a very strong heal based on his MAX HP on his A1. Built in Stalwart to mitigate AoE Damage
  5. Doompriest cleanses Decrease Defense and provides a small healing ability. She is built in Relentless to take turns as often as possible.

Overall, the team keeps up Increase Defense, Decrease Attack and Healing throughout the fight to survive against the Eternal Dragon. You only have to target the Boss exclusively and he will never heal himself. Although, please note that this team is not 100% auto reliable and may require tinkering to pass through the hardest stage.

doompriest Eternal Dragon dungeon runs

Faction Wars

Doompriest can be a decent Faction Wars addition. The healing capabilities each turn are a welcome option and cleansing of Provoke, Block Buffs, DEF Down, ATK Down is a boon on both the hard waves and the boss fight. Additional plus is the ATK Up buff for champions like Faceless that benefit from it and provide more DPS.

Team Composition

  1. Rector Drath – the ultimate new Epic that can carry the whole FW. Access to Revive and Veil along with healing is a fantastic combination that was the missing piece. Can also be built with some Accuracy for ATK Down.
  2. Tomb Lord – the best Legendary in the faction for FW. Provides access to AOE DEF Down, ATK Down along with Decrease Speed and Poisons. Key ingridient in auto runs.
  3. Faceless – One of the best single target DPS champions for the faction.
  4. Sinesha – Healing capabilities, stun on A1 with the Stun set and Warmaster for more damage.

doomspriest Faction Wars guide

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