Raid Shadow Legends: Sanguinia Champion Guide

Sanguinia is an epic magic affinity champion from the sacred order faction in Raid Shadow Legends. She is a good champion, in the mid-tier range for epics, offering some good utility all round. Her A2 ability is strong, which offers a block debuff ability, which can be useful in areas such as clan boss and hydra. In this guide we will cover a setup for Sanguinia, including masteries, gear and stats information. We will also cover team compositions and guidance for Faction Wars, Nether Spider in the Doom Tower, Ice Golem 20 and Dragon 20.

Sanguinia Stats Overview

Sanguinia avatar
  • Faction: Sacred Order
  • Type: Support
  • Affinity: Magic
  • Rarity: Epic
  • HP: 20475
  • Attack: 760
  • Defense: 1178
  • Critical Rate: 15
  • Critical Damage: 50
  • Speed: 105
  • Resistance: 30
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Aura: Increase Ally ACC in Doom Tower battles by 55
  • Books to Max Skills: 12

Sanguinia Skills Overview

Red Punishment

A1: Red Punishment

Attacks 1 enemy 3 times. Each hit has a 20% chance of decreasing the duration of 2 random buffs on the target by 1 turn.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Damage +5%
  • Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
  • Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Holy Blood

A2: Holy Blood

Places a [Block Debuffs] on all allies for 1 turn and a 15% [Continuous Heal] buff on all allies for 2 turns.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Cooldown -1
Sacrificial Lamb

A3: Sacrificial Lamb

Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 75% chance of transferring all debuffs from this Champion to the target. Removes all debuffs from all allies except this Champion.

Upgrades as follows:

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Damage +5%
  • Level 4: Damage +5%
  • Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
  • Level 6: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
  • Level 7: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
  • Level 8: Cooldown -1

Sanguinia Late Game Build Guide

Sanguinia is a Magic affinity Epic from the Sacred Order faction. She is not the most commonly seen champion as champions like her are useful but not exactly necessary to clear content for old end game accounts. Nevertheless, she can be useful for progression in many areas. This guide will focus on her use in Faction Wars and Nether Spider, along with Dragon 20 and Ice Golem 20.


Her kit is all about her A3 which cleanses the whole team and transfers her debuffs to the enemy. The latter part requires Accuracy so it is potentially harder to build her if you wish to take advantage of this. Her A2 provides a 1-turn Block Debuffs and a 15% Continuous Heal. Having only the Block Debuffs for 1 turn is generally awkward so she’s not very reliable for this role. Her A1 is a triple hitter and has a chance on each hit to decrease the duration of 2 random buffs on the enemy. Having a multi hit A1 gives us the option to use Giantslayer, giving her more damage potential.


For masteries, you have different options : Offense + Support or Defense in a CB scenario if you want more damage from masteries. Alternatively, Defense + Support in a pure support build. Here, Offense and Support were selected. Offense mainly for Giantslayer T6 as her main source of damage and Support for more Accuracy, TM gain, stats increase and a chance to extend her Block Debuffs with Lasting Gifts T5.

This Sanguinia was built mainly for Nether Spider so Resistance is irrelevant on her, as the poisons bypass both Resistance and immunity. However, for a standard high Resistance cleanser build, Defense tree can be useful with Unshakeable T6 to reach high Resistance level. The high Resistance build is objectively the better build if you want to rely on Sanguinia as a cleanser for most other content.

Sanguinia masteries

Gear & Stats Build

As a cleanser, you have many options on how to gear Sanguinia. For Clan Boss you’d want Lifesteal or Stalwart mainly, for other content you have different options like Speed, Perception, Relentless or Frenzy. In CB you’ll want either to tune her to go first on a 4:3 ratio to cleanse or go last to put up block debuffs. For other content you’ll want her to take turns as much as possible to cycle through her cooldowns. For Arena, Resistance set or Immunity/Untouchable would be ideal.

We have her built specifically for the Nether Spider in a Frenzy set. You want to aim for 220+ Speed and 350 Accuracy mainly for this role. You can then give her as much HP as possible. If you plan on using her as a high Resistance cleanser, aim for 350+ Resistance for all PvE content. You can also give her Crit Rate if you wish to get some more damage out of her.

Recommended Main Stats

  • Gloves: HP% / Def% / Crit Rate
  • Chest: HP% / Accuracy / Resistance
  • Boots: Speed
  • Ring: HP / Def
  • Amulet: HP / Def / Crit Damage
  • Banner: Accuracy / Resistance

As for accessories, Refresh can be useful for her to use her A2 and A3 as much as possible, Cleansing also helps to shake off Crowd Controlling effects but doesn’t synergise well with her Transfer skill.

Sanguinia gear and stats build

Nether Spider

The Nether Spider can be a hard encounter as you cannot block or resist the Poisons thrown at you. That is why having multiple cleansers is important to your success. A core Nether Spider team usually consists of a damage dealer (HP burn, Poison, raw damage) and different supports such as healers, cleansers or revivers. You want to avoid AoE A1 as they trigger the Spiderling’s Counter Attacks, healing the Boss (making Bad el Kazar or Skytouched Shaman a bad choice)

Team Composition & Roles

For damage, we have Drexthar here who can place HP Burn when hit, making him the ideal champion for this encounter. Mordecai is a very good alternative as he doesn’t hit the Spiderlings when placing his Burn so he does not trigger their Counter Attacks.

For healers, we have Vrask and Vogoth. Vrask healing on A1 and Vogoth healing on hit provide survivability for the whole team. Scyl of the Drake is a very good option here as she also brings a Revive and her kit is generally useful on waves. Decrease Speed is also a relevant debuff on the Nether Spider. Doompriest is also an option for passive healing and doubles

For cleansers, we have Reliquary Tender and Sanguinia. Sanguinia also acts as a sub-dps as she gets her damage from Giantslayer procs and the Poisons she transfers back to the Spider. She takes a lot of damage here making Frenzy set a very good gear option to boost her TM. Reliquary Tender and Sanguinia make sure the team does not have too many Poisons to limit the damage when the Spider combusts them. Reliquary Tender is in Relentless to cycle through her abilities, she also brings a Revive ability and is generally very useful. Your other options would include any cleanser with single target A1

Sanguinia nether spider team

Faction Wars

Sanguinia suffers from being in a very strong faction with excellent Epics and Legendaries, making her presence quite optional especially for the last stage of Faction Wars. However, she can work there and provides a niche ability with her A1.

Wave 2 of stage 21 has a Maneater who can place Unkillable on the whole team. This can make fighting this wave very frustrating. Luckily, Sanguinia’s A1 decreasing buffs duration can make things run smoother. The team is mainly built around Cardinal, the most valuable champion in this faction, however, Sanguinia provides some healing that helps the team overall survivability.

Team Composition & Roles

The team features:

  • Deacon for Speed aura, TM manipulation and AoE Decrease Defense.
  • Fenax for DPS and Block Revive very useful against the Boss here.
  • Armiger provides TM control on A1 and an Enemy MAX HP nuke on A2.
  • Sanguinia provides minor healing and cleansing.
  • Cardinal brings an AoE Revive, needed for a smooth auto 3-star clear.
Sanguinia faction wars team

Dragon 20

Dragon is an important dungeon to farm mainly for the Speed gear. While the dungeon itself is not super difficult, having a cleanser and healer is always useful. Sanguinia fills this role against waves and against the Boss. Her being able to transfer debuffs is very useful as it allows us to keep Decrease Attack and Poisons on the Boss most of the time.

This is a more budget run with her and we have:

  • Kael for HP aura, wave damage and Poisons.
  • 2x Coldhearts for damage and Enemy MAX HP nuke.
  • Dhukk for AoE Decrease Defense and Provoke.
  • Sanguinia for Block Debuffs, Continuous Heal and cleanse.
Sanguinia dragon 20 team

Ice Golem 20

The Ice Golem is also a dungeon where having a cleanser can be useful because of the numerous debuffs thrown at you. Sanguinia’s Block Debuffs and cleansing abilities can be very important. An example team for this dungeon is as follows:

  • Kael for HP aura, DPS and Poisons against Boss.
  • Stag Knight for AoE Decrease Defense and Attack.
  • Armiger for TM control, Enemy MAX HP nuke and Block Revive.
  • Sanguinia provides Block Debuffs and cleansing.
  • Scyl provides Stun, healing and Revive.

Sanguinia does not work alone most of the time to keep your damage dealers alive, that’s why pairing her with another healer and/or reviver is very useful.

Sanguinia ice golem 20 team

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