RS3 Construction Training Guide

Construction is one of the many skills that make up the core gameplay of Runescape 3. It is a pay-to-play skill, so can only be trained by members, in members worlds. Additionally, the skill is predominantly a buyable one and for most players will be one of the most expensive skills they train, as well as one of the fastest 99s. However, despite this, there are still some cheaper and less intense methods available, which we will discuss in this construction training guide for RS3.

Fastest Construction Training Methods

As previously mentioned construction can be an expensive skill to train, especially if you are going to use the fastest construction training methods in RS3. However, the time saved can be a worthwhile investment to many players, especially those with high-level money making strategies available to them. The fastest methods to 99 construction include:

LevelsMethodConstruction Exp/Hour
1-19Wooden Chairs30,000 Exp/hour
19-33Oak Armchairs100,000 Exp/hour
33-52Oak Larders350,000 Exp/hour
52-63Mahogany Tables500,000 Exp/hour
63-73Driftwood Pawnbrokers650,000 Exp/hour
73-99+Flotsam Pawnbrokers900,000 Exp/hour

Wooden Chairs: Levels 1-19

At level 1 players can begin their construction training with Wooden Chairs. Approximately 30,000 construction experience per hour is achievable with this method. Additionally, the items required include 137 planks and 300 steel nails. This will cost around 100,000 gold coins. Alternatively, players can opt to skip these early levels with questing, which is recommended for efficiency.

Oak Armchairs: Levels 19-33

At level 19, Oak Armchairs become the most efficient way to train construction in Runescape. These can be made in the same hotspot as wooden chairs and provide around 100k exp/hour. Each chair requires 3 oak planks and in total players will need 239 Oak Planks to go from level 19 to 33.

Oak Larders: Levels 33-52

At Level 33, Oak Larders become the new best way of training construction from level 33. Larders can only be built in the Kitchen, so if players do not already have this room they will need to pay 5,000 coins to build it. At level 40 players should hire a butler from the Servant’s Guild, this will greatly reduce the amount of time spent getting planks. When the player reaches level 50 this can be upgraded to the demon butler.

With the use of butlers and high levels of attention it is possible to receive up to 350,000 construction experience per hour with Oak Larders in RS3. A total of 1,760 Oak Planks is required to go from level 33 to 52.

Mahogany Tables: Levels 52-63

Mahogany Tables is an expensive but fast method of training construction and is optimal from levels 52 to 63. These tables are built in the Dining Room, so you will also need to build this room if you do not already have it. Experience rates can reach up to 500,000 per hour in construction.

Driftwood Pawnbrokers: Levels 63-73

Driftwood Pawnbrokers are the second fastest construction training method in Runescape. They are built using Teak Planks in the Aquarium room of a Player-owned house. Experience rates can reach as high as 650,000 per hour with good concentration or 500k/hour with low to moderate concentration. 11,032 Teak Planks is required to reach level 73 from level 63, however, if players want to continue with this method to 99 they will need 140,736 Teak Planks.

Flotsam Pawnbrokers: Levels 73-99+

Flotsam Pawnbrokers are the fastest construction experience in the game. They require 8 mahogany planks each build and are also built in the Aquarium room of the PoH. This method is extremely click intensive, but can reward players with up to 900,000 base construction exp per hour. Around 86,016 mahogany planks is required to reach level 99.

Alternative Construction Training Methods

Training Construction can be both expensive and click intensive. But, there are a lot of competitive alternative methods available for players to pick and choose from. Some of the best alternative construction training methods include:

Flatpacks: Levels 1+

Creating Flatpack furniture is one of the least click-intensive methods for construction training. Each flatpack can be made on a workbench in the player-owned house or portable workbenches. Although, it is not recommended to use this method inside your own PoH. As Portable Workbenches can be used and found at World 84 Lumbridge Market and Workshop.

With the use of portable workbenches it eliminates the need for a servant or player-owned house. Making it the easiest and most convenient method as portable workbenches can be found in direct proximity to bank chests. They also provide an additional 10% experience when using them. The experience rates for flat-packing is as follows:

LevelTypeExperience per hour
1-19Wooden Chair Flatpack20,000
19-35Oak Chair Flatpack85,000
35-52Teak Armchair Flatpack125,000
52-99+Mahogany Tables Flatpack450,000

Protean Planks: Levels 1+

Protean Planks can only be obtained from Treasure Hunter and can not be traded. Making them essentially a free source of construction experience. The planks can be used on a workbench (Portable Workbench or Workbench in the PoH) and provide experience but no items. 60 planks can be used at once, which takes a total of 4 minutes, 48 seconds to use. This makes the method a favourable cheap and AFK way to train the construction skill.

They can be used at any level, with base construction experience being around 15k/hour at level 1 scaling to 255k/hour at level 99. A full breakdown of the experience rates can be seen below.

rs3 protean planks

Construction Contracts: Levels 40+

Construction Contracts can be started by talking to any Estate Agent around Runescape, at level 40 construction. The method is preferred by players who want a less expensive and less intensive way of training the skill. Players will be assigned a contract by the Estate Agent and have to visit an NPC’s home to repair 5 pieces of furniture.

Each furniture repair requires between 2-10 planks and 2-4 nails, with the potential for additional item requirements such as a white candle, steel bars or bolts of cloth. Every 10 levels after level 40 a new plank type can be used until level 70.

  • Level 40: Regular Planks
  • Level 50: Oak Planks
  • Level 60: Teak Planks
  • Level 70: Mahogany Planks

Experience rates vary depending on the types of teleports being used and if the player has the Master Constructors Outfit. With an unoptimised setup it is possible to get experience rates to 347k/hour with mahogany planks. However, a fully optimised setup with the Master Constructors outfit and instant teleports will allow for 550,000 construction experience per hour.

construction contracts training exp/hour

Prifddinas Harps: Levels 70+

Using the harps found in the Ithell District of Prifddinas is a common method used to train crafting AFK. It offers around 50,000 crafting, as well as an additional small amount of construction experience per hour. While this should not be used as a method just for construction, it is worth noting if you are planning on training crafting with this method.

It is one of the best AFK training methods, with very minimal amounts of attention required. However, the method requires at level 75 rafting and construction as well as completion of the Plague’s End quest.

playing the harp in rs3

Significant Construction Equipment

Construction Cape5% chance to save any plank type when building.
Sculpting Chisel+1 boost to construction level and +1% bonus construction experience. Reward from Distraction and Diversion God Statues.
Crystal SawInvisible +3 construction boost to items that require a saw to build.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to construction depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
Constructor’s Outfit6% bonus experience to construction when worn or +1% per piece.
Master Constructor’s OutfitUpgraded version of the Constructor’s Outfit which has the following effects:
– Automatically remove furniture after building.
– Convert logs to planks.
– +3 construction boost temporarily.
– Unlimited teleports to PoH, house portals, estate agent and current construction contract.
– 6% boost to construction experience.
– Increased build progress and chance to instantly finish repairs of construction contracts.
Portable WorkbenchPortable skilling station obtained from Treasure Hunter. Acts as a workbench and provides 10% increased construction experience when building flatpacked furniture.
Can be found on World 84 Lumbridge Market, close to the bank.