RS3 Firemaking Training Guide

Firemaking is one of the many skills that make up the core gameplay of Runescape 3. It can be trained in both F2P and P2P, although P2P methods are always advised. As such this RS3 Firemaking Training Guide will focus on pay-to-play methods and predominantly focus on the fastest methods used to reach level 99 or 120. However, we will also include some alternatives Firemaking training methods for those who want to train the skill passively, AFK or for profit.

Bonfires Vs Fire Lines: Which is better?

It is better to burn logs in fire lines than bonfires, as it provides higher firemaking experience. Players can light a log with a tinderbox in 2/3rd’s of the time that it takes a player to add a log to a bonfire. For this reason, players who want to achieve maximum experience rates should opt for burning logs in lines. Although, it is worth noting this requires significantly more attention, players looking for an AFK rs3 training method should opt for bonfires as it is only slightly less experience anyway.

Line Firemaking
Line Firemaking
Bonfire Firemaking
Bonfire Firemaking

Fastest Firemaking Training Methods

The fastest method to reach 99 firemaking in Runescape 3, is by burning the highest tier of log available to you. As mentioned previously, players wanting the fastest firemaking training should be burning logs in lines, as opposed to with bonfires.

Burning Logs: Levels 1-15

Players should burn regular logs from levels 1 to 15 firemaking.

logs icon rs3
  • Experience per hour: 48,000
  • Experience required: 2,411
  • Logs required: 46
  • Estimated cost: 70,000

Burning Oak Logs: Levels 15-30

Players should burn oak logs from levels 15 to 30 firemaking.

Oak logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 72,000
  • Experience required: 10,952
  • Logs required: 123
  • Estimated cost: 110,000

Burning Willow Logs: Levels 35-45

Players should burn willow logs from levels 30 to 35 firemaking.

Willow Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 108,000
  • Experience required: 9,043
  • Logs required: 83
  • Estimated cost: 75,000

Burning Teak Logs: Levels 35-45

Players should burn teak logs from levels 35 to 45 firemaking.

Teak Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 126,000
  • Experience required: 37,320
  • Logs required: 297
  • Estimated cost: 75,000

Burning Maple Logs: Levels 45-50

Players should burn maple logs from levels 45 to 50 firemaking.

Maple Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 162,000
  • Experience required: 39,821
  • Logs required: 284
  • Estimated cost: 75,000

Burning Mahogany Logs: Levels 50-58

Players should burn mahogany logs from levels 50 to 58 firemaking.

Mahogany Logs
  • Experience per hour: 189,000
  • Experience required: 123,133
  • Logs required: 652
  • Estimated cost: 250,000

Burning Eucalyptus Logs: Levels 58-60

Players should burn Eucalyptus logs from levels 58 to 60 firemaking.

Eucalyptus Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 231,000
  • Experience required: 49,276
  • Logs required: 241
  • Estimated cost: 250,000

Burning Yew Logs: Levels 60-75

Players should burn Yew logs from levels 58 to 60 firemaking.

Yew Logs
  • Experience per hour: 243,000
  • Experience required: 936,679
  • Logs required: 3,466
  • Estimated cost: 1,750,000

Burning Magic Logs: Levels 75-90

Players should burn Magic logs from levels 75 to 90 firemaking.

Magic Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 365,000
  • Experience required: 4,135,911
  • Logs required: 12,925
  • Estimated cost: 10,000,000

Burning Elder Logs: Levels 90-99+

Players should burn Elder logs from levels 90 to 99+ firemaking.

Elder Logs rs3
  • Experience per hour: 520,000
  • Experience required: 7,688,099
  • Logs required: 16,427
  • Estimated cost: 19,000,000
firemaking training in rs3 by log type

Alternative Firemaking Training Methods

Training firemaking with the traditional methods of burning logs is not for everyone. There are some reasonable alternative methods that players can consider. These are as follows:

Burning Curly Roots: Levels 83-99+

At level 83 firemaking players can burn the curly jade roots found hanging from the ceiling in the Jadinko Lair. The roots are untradeable, meaning they must be chopped by the player themself, which requires a minimum of level 83 woodcutting also. However, 85 woodcutting is recommended, as at this level players will receive four roots each vine chop.

With this method it is possible to get 250k firemaking exp/hour, with an additional woodcutting experience of around 25k/hour. This method is still significantly slower than burning magic and elder logs, even if the player opts for bonfires. But, the curly roots method can be a welcomed change of pace for many player.

burning curly roots rs3

Sharp Shell Shards: Levels 87-99+

Players can egnite Sharp Shell Shard at level 87 firemaking, this process uses 60 shards and provides 341.9. The action itself takes a total of 3 seconds, meaning players can reach up to 410,000 base firemaking experience per hour with this method. However, its cost normally makes it an unappealing method for many, especially since burning elder logs still provides higher experience and magic logs have similar rates, while being cheaper.

Significant Firemaking Equipment

Ring of Fire & Flame GlovesAll Fired Up Quest2% experience boost to firemaking per item or 5% when both are worn.
Torstol Incense Sticks75 FiremakingUp to +2% experience boost to firemaking depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes.
Pitch CanNoneTradable firemaking enhancer, contains 2000 charges and one is used per log. Gives following benefits:
– Time taken to add log to bonfire reduced from six to five ticks.
– Time taken to light a log when line firemaking reduced from six ticks to one tick.
Orthen Furnace Core99 Smithing
102 Archaeology
Skilling off-hand that provides the following benefits:
– When Pyromaniac perk is activated the player receives a 5% increase to firemaking and smithing experience, lasting up to 5 minutes.
– While firemaking there is a chance to spawn a forge phoenix instead of fire spirit. A divine forge phoenix will be seen if the fairy fire buff is active.
Portable BrazierNone– Brazier acts as if five players are bonfiring on it at all times.
– 10% chance to save a log