RS3 Farming Training Guide

Farming is a pay-to-play Farming Skill in Runescape 3 that involves planting seeds in farming patches, waiting for them to grow and then claiming experience and resources from them. Farming is theoretically one of the fastest skills to train in RS3, but due to players having to wait long periods of time for the seeds to grow, this slows it down. This guide will cover the best ways to train the farming skill in RS3.

Fastest Farming Training Methods

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The fastest way to train the farming skill in runescape 3 is traditionally by planting different types of trees and waiting for them to grow. There are three different categories of tree, these are “trees”, “fruit trees” and “other trees”. Below is an explanation of how each category can be used for efficient farming experience.


In order to plant tree seeds, players must first add them to a plant pot to create a seedling. The seedling must then be watered with a watering can and the player should wait five minutes for the seedling to turn into a sapling. The sapling can then be planted at any tree patch around the game, that the player has access to. Growth times range from just under 3 hours with low tier trees to up to 8 hours with the highest tier. When they are fully grown the player can return to the tree and check its health to claim farming experience.

Level Tree TypeTime to GrowXP per TreePayment
15Oak tree2 hours & 40 minutes481.31 basket of tomatoes
30 Willow tree4 hours1,481.51 basket of apples
45 Maple tree5 hours & 20 minutes3,448.41 basket of oranges
60 Yew tree6 hours & 40 minutes7,150.910 cactus spines
75 Magic tree8 hours13,913.825 coconuts

Tree Patch Locations

In Runescape there are currently seven tree patches that players can use, although one is quest locked and another requires tier 2 Grove in Fort Forinthry. The tree patch locations are as follows:

  • North-east of Lumbridge Castle
  • Varrock Palace Courtyard
  • Falador Park
  • North of Taverley Lodestone
  • West of Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
  • Woodcutters’ Grove in Fort Forinthry (Tier 2 Woodcutters’ Grove)
  • Trahaearn District in Prifddinas (Plague’s End quest)

Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree saplings can be planted at level 27 farming, they take longer to grow than most traditional trees, with an average time to grow between 13 and 16 hours. However, they also provide significantly high levels of farming experience and they are very efficient to use when training the skill, particularly if you can only commit to one farming run per day.

LevelTreeTime to GrowXP per TreePayment
27 Apple tree16 hours1,272.5Sweetcorn
33 Banana tree16 hours1,841.5baskets of apples
39 Orange tree16 hours2,586baskets of strawberries
42 Curry tree16 hours3,037baskets of bananas
51 Pineapple plant16 hours4,791.710 watermelons
57 Papaya tree16 hours6,380.410 pineapples
68 Palm tree16 hours10,509.615 papaya fruit
101 Ciku tree13 hours & 20 minutes25,664.1Zygomite fruit
107 Guarana tree13 hours & 20 minutes32,767.0111 Tombshroom
113 Carambola tree13 hours & 20 minutes41,254.1Dragonfruit

Fruit Tree Patch Locations

In Runescape there are currently seven fruit tree patches that players can use, although two are quest locked, these are as follows:

  • North of Gnome Stronghold Agility Course
  • West of Tree Gnome Village maze
  • East of Catherby fishing spots
  • North of Brimhaven
  • Herblore Habitat
  • Lletya (Mourning’s End Part I or The Prisoner of Glouphrie quests)
  • Meilyr District in Prifddinas (Plague’s End quest)

Other Trees

At various different farming levels players will unlock the ability to plant various special tree’s around runescape. Each has a unique growth time and often a unique farming patch location. This can be seen in the table below.

LevelTreeGrowth timeXP per seedPaymentLocation
72 Calquat tree21 hours & 20 minutes12,516.68 poison ivy berriesNorth of Tai Bwo Wannai Village
83 Spirit tree2 days, 10 hours & 40 minutes19,501.3Monkey nuts, 1 Monkey bar & 1 Ground toothPort Sarim, Brimhaven, Etceteria & Manor Farm
90 Elder tree2 days & 22 hours23,463
25 morchella mushrooms
Crwys District of Prifddinas
94 Crystal treeInstant50,000 for planting & 15,000 dailyN/ANear Tower of Voices in Prifddinas
119Money tree1 day, 18 hours & 40 minutes61,000N/AManor Farm

Alternative Farming Training Methods

As with any skill in Runescape, not every player wants to follow the traditional training methods. Below is a list of some alternative training methods for the farming skill.

Manure Mounds: Levels 1-15

Manure Mounds

Players can dig Manure Mounds for 2.5xp every 4 game ticks, this equates to 3,750 farming experience per hour. This is actually the fastest method of reaching level 15 to unlock planting trees, outside of quest reward experience. It takes approximately 40 minutes of using this method to reach level 15. The manure mounds can be found at the north-eastern section of Granny Potterington’s House at Manor Farm and at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm.

Seedicide: Levels 7+


Seedicide is an item that will automatically destroy seeds received from a monster you have killed. When destroying them, the player will be awarded double the experience they would have got from planting the seeds in a farming patch. Although, this only applies if the player actually has the farming level required to plant the seed.

So, experience rates scale significantly as you progress to higher levels. Players can expect around 20,000 farming experience per hour at level 7, this scales to around 175,000 farming experience at level 74. Some notable monsters include:

  • Turoths: between 130,000 and 175,000 farming xp/hour.
  • Aquanites: Up to 160,000 farming xp/hour.
  • Vyrelords: Up to 150,000 farming xp/hour.

Low levels (Level 7+) should kill tortoises in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, in the northern section of the city. This will grant around 20,000 farming xp/hour.

Player-Owned Farms: Levels 17+

At level 17 farming and 20 construction players can begin to use player-owned farms as a training method. It is slightly slower than conventional farming methods, but you are never at risk of losing experience from factors such as dying crops. Animals raised on player-owned farms also provide vital resources for herblore training, while others provide specific perks.

There are two locations for player-owned farms, one location is at Manor Farm, while the other is at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm.

Optimal Manor Farm Setup

  • 2 Large Pens & Breeding Pen: 10 Dragons
  • 2 Medium Pens: 8 Zygomites
  • 2 Small Pens: 12 Chinchompas

Optimal Anachronia Dinosaur Farm Setup

  • 2 Large Pens & Breeding Pen: 10 Pavosaurus rexes
  • 1 Medium Pen: 4 Varanusaurs
  • 1 Small Pen: 6 Salamanders

Learn more on player-owned farms here.

Farming Equipment

Farming UrnsPlayers can fill farming urns while gaining experience through farming training. When the urn is full it will provide the player with bonus farming experience. The experience awarded is equal to about 20% of the experience required to fill the urn.
Requires between level 5 and 84 crafting to create different farming urns.
Supercompost & UltracompostPlayers can add supercompost or ultracompost to their crops to reduce the likelihood of them dying.
A plant treated with supercompost has a 14% chance to die
A plant treated with ultracompost has a 7% chance to die
Fertile SoilLunar spell that requires level 83 magic, when casted on a farming patch it will treat the area with supercompost.
Rapid GrowthA seren spell unlocked after completion of the Light Within quest. When used it will skip a growth stage for trees, fruit trees and herb patches. Although, it can only be used once per day per patch. Level 88 magic is also required.
Farmer’s OutfitProvides +1% bonus farming experience per item or +6% when the full set is worn. Players can purchase the set from the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza or Sydekix’s shop of balance.
Greenfingers AuraOne of the best skilling auras in Runescape 3. It prevents crops from becoming diseased and provides between 3 and 15% chance of increased crop yield, depending on the tier of aura.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to Farming depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 Firemaking.