RS3 Money Making Guide

Money or “gold coins” makes up a significant part of Runescape 3. It allows regular players to trade and buy items they need for various activities in the game. Whether it be spending money to improve the players levels, buying the best PvM items for bossing or buying cosmetic items such as the rare holiday items. This guide will cover the top 10 money makers in Runescape 3.

What are the Best RS3 money makers?

MethodAverage Profit per Hour (m/hr)
Zamorak, Lord of Chaos (2,000 enrage)140m/hr
Telos, the Warden (2449 enrage claims)110m/hr
Rasial, the First Necromancer110m/hr
Nex, the Angel of Death (4 man)100m/hr
Making Blood Reaver Scrolls during Amlodd Voice of Seren80m/hr
TzKal-Zuk (Hard Mode)65m/hr
Ripper Demons57m/hr
Barrows Rise of the Six55m/hr

While these estimated profits per hour are accurate at the time of writing. They can fluctuate slightly, due to current grand exchange prices. Additionally, for PvM and bossing money making methods, skill level and concentration levels will play a small role in your time to kill, which will affect your overall profits.

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos (2,000 enrage)

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

Zamorak, Lord of Chaos is one of the best RS3 money making methods. The boss drops the best ranged weapon in rs3, the Bow of the last guardian. It also drops the best melee armour in rs3, the Vestments of Havoc armour set. This along with its highly profitable standard drop table makes the boss extremely lucrative in the long run. At 2,000 enrage it is possible to make around 140 million gold per hour, the highest of any RS3 money maker, this is based on an average of 4 kills per hour. On lower enrage levels, hourly profit is still very competitive, the rates are as follows:

  • 500 Enrage = 90m profit per hour
  • 300 Enrage = 85m profit per hour
  • 100 Enrage = 90m profit per hour
  • 50 Enrage = 55m profit per hour

To fight this boss it is recommended that players have maxed out their combat stats, have 106 herblore, 95+ prayer, 89+ invention and 96+ summoning for binding contract (ripper demon).

Telos, the Warden (2449 enrage claims)


Telos is the main boss found in the Heart of Gielnor and one of the best money making strategies in Runescape 3. The bosses unique items include the raw materials required to make the Staff of Sliske, Seren Godbow and Zaros Godsword.

Providing you can average at least 11 kills per hour, players should expect an hourly profit of around 110 million gold coins. This profit is purely associated with 2449 enrage claim kills, on lower enrage claims players can expect the following hourly profit levels:

  • 999 Enrage = 45m profit per hour
  • 100 Enrage = 10m profit per hour

This is another top-tier PvM boss, as such high stat requirements are recommended. Again players should look to have at least 138 combat, 106+ herblore, 99+ summoning and 95+ prayer.

Rasial, the First Necromancer


Rasial, the First Necromancer is a boss that can be found in the Citadel above the City of Um. This boss is responsible for dropping some of the best in slot necromancy armour and weapons. Along with a highly profitable regular drop table.

Kills are relatively fast and players should expect to average around 30 kills per hour if playing efficiently. Based on these kills per hour, players can expect an average hourly profit of around 110m gp/hr. In addition to this, players can also expect to gain around 540,000 base necromancy experience every hour. Making it an efficient way to train the skill while making money.

Players will need to have completed the Alpha Vs Omega quest to face Rasial. Although other skill recommendations include:

  • 138 Combat
  • 112+ Archaeology for Mysterious City
  • 106+ Herblore for Elder Overloads
  • 95+ Necromancy
  • 95+ Prayer
  • 89+ Invention
  • 73+ Summoning for Binding Contract (Blood Reaver)

Nex, the Angel of Death (4 man)

Nex, the Angel of Death

Nex, the Angel of Death is the upgraded and improved successor to the original Nex. As such, the Angel of Death can be found via an entrance in the original Nex’s lobby, on the southern side. The boss is known for dropping very lucrative Wand of Praesul, which is one of the best magic weapons in runescape. It can also drop the Imperium Core, Praesul Codex and various cosmetic upgrades.

A four man team is most efficient for Nex, the Angel of Death, players can expect around 15 kills per hour in this team size. That equates to an hourly profit of around 100 million gold. Profit per hour for other team sizes are as follows:

  • 7 Man = 80m profit per hour
  • Duo = 55m profit per hour
  • Solo = 40m profit per hour

To enter the area where Nex is players are required to have at least 70 agility, constitution, ranged and strength. However, players who want to use this method efficiently should have at least 138 combat, 106+ herblore, 95+ prayer, 96+ summoning for binding contract and 89+ invention.

Making Blood Reaver Scrolls during Amlodd Voice of Seren

Blood Reaver Scrolls

Making Blood Reaver Scrolls during Amlodd Voice of Seren is our first non-combat related money making method on this list. The strategy focuses around the summoning skills, as such players will need atleast level 73 summoning. Although, other requirements also include completion of Plague’s End quest and an attuned crystal teleport seed or master camouflage outfit.

With this money making method players can expect to make around 80 million in profit per hour. The best method for doing this involves following this step-by-step process:

  • Summon a beast of burden.
  • Withdraw pouches to both inventory and familiar.
  • teleport to the Amlodd District and run to Obelisk.
  • Use pouches in inventory on Obelisk to turn into scrolls.
  • Withdraw from familiar and do the same.
  • Teleport to a bank to bank the scrolls and repeat the process.

TzKal-Zuk (Hard Mode)


TzKal-Zuk is one of the strongest monsters in Runescape 3, player must fight through 17 waves of TzekHaar before facing of with Zuk himself. He is known for dropping items such as the Ek-ZekKil, which is the best melee weapon in Runescape 3 currently. Other lucrative drops include the Magma Tempest ability codex and the Scripture of Ful.

Using optimal gear and strategies, players can get around 2 kills per hour. This equates to an hourly profit of around 65 mil per hour. Although, players can also take on the normal mode of TzKal-Zuk, which has an average of around 4 kills per hour and 40mil profit per hour.

The recommended stats are as follows:

  • 138 Combat
  • 99 Summoning for Pack Mammoth
  • 106+ Herblore for Elder Overloads



Solak is one of the Guardians of Guthix and he can be found at the Lost Grove, which is an island west of Tirannwn. The boss is best known for dropping the Blightbound Crossbows and the Erethdor’s Grimoire (token). On average players can kill this boss around 8 times per hour, which should produce profits of around 60 million gold coins for every hour of combat.

Solak can be taken on with a team of 1-7 players and his life points and mechanics will scale based on that. For this money making method it is advised to just complete the kills as a solo player.

The recommended stats are as follows:

  • 138 Combat
  • 106+ Herblore for Elder Overloads
  • 96+ Summoning for Binding Contract
  • 95+ Prayer
  • 89+ Invention

Ripper Demons

Ripper Demons

Ripper Demons are the first slayer monster to make it onto this money making list. They can be found in the cave under the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede and at level 40+ wilderness. They are best known for dropping the ripper claws at a rate of 1/10,000, but also have a very lucrative standard drop table.

Killing these monsters will produce hourly profits of around 60 million per hour, assuming an average of 650 kills per hour. However, the bulk of the profit is made from creating binding contracts, hourly profits will drop significantly if not doing this.

Players are required to have at least 96 slayer and summoning to use this method efficiently. Additional recommendations include 138 combat, 96+ herblore and 95+ prayer. Players using this method will also benefit from around 1.7 million slayer experience per hour when on task.

Barrows Rise of the Six

Barrows Rise of the Six

Barrows Rise of the Six is the sequel to the original Barrows Brothers minigame. The entrance to the Rise of the Six area can be found in another hold just west of the original barrows brothers area. During the Rise of the Six, players will fight against Ahrim, Dharok, Torag, Verac, Guthan and Karil once more, but this time they will be significantly stronger.

The most notable drops on the Barrows Rise of Six drop table include malevolent energy, the Malevolent kiteshield, Merciless Kiteshield and Vengeful Kiteshield. Although, the standard drops can also be rewarding too. On average players should look aim to get around 35 kills per hour, this will result in an average hourly profit of around 55 million.

The recommended stats are as follows:

  • 138 Combat
  • 96+ Herblore for Overloads
  • 95+ Prayer
  • 87+ Summoning for Nihil familiars


Raksha is a solo and duo boss that can be found on Anachronia, in the Orthen Oubliette. Players killing this boss can expect a handsome return, with an average of 15 kills per hour, the player can expect to receive around 55 million gold in profit per hour. Players are required to complete the “Raksha, the Shadow Colossus” quest before fighting this monster in combat.

Raksha is best known for dropping the following unique rewards:

  • Greater Ricochet Ability Codex
  • Greater Chain Ability Codex
  • Divert Ability Codex
  • Fleeting Boots
  • Blast Diffusion Boots
  • Laceration Boots.

When upgraded to enhanced versions, each of the boots become best in slot for their own combat discipline. The fleeting boots are the best in slot ranged boots, the blast diffusion boots are the best in slot magic boots and the laceration boots are the best in slot melee boots.