RS3 Vis Wax Guide

Vis Wax is an item in Runescape 3 that can be obtained from the Rune Goldbery Machine, which is a daily distraction and diversion. The Maximum amount of Vis Wax a player can obtain each day is 100 and the amount they do obtain is correlated to their performance in the distraction and diversion. Collecting Vis Wax is one of the best rs3 money makers for low levels, providing around 500k-1m in profit in only a few minutes.


  • 50+ Runecrafting
  • Various Runes
  • Recommended; Runecrafting Cape
  • Recommended; Vis Wax Discord Server

Uses for Vis Wax

  • Double daily challenge rewards & durations
  • Reroll daily challenges
  • Extend Auras
  • Increase divine location gathering limit
  • Converted for quick lodestone teleports
  • Reset Harmony Pillar
  • Great Daily Money Maker

How to get Vis Wax?

The Rune Goldberg Machine must be operated to obtain Vis Wax, the machine can be found in the eastern section of the Runecrafting Guild. When operating the machine players will find that they must satisfy the Goldberg Machine with three different types of runes, one for each of its three slots. Players can insert runes into the machine to see their value, but for each failed attempt the required amount of runes will be increased by 0.5%.

This is why its always recommended to use the discord server, as slots 1 and 2 will be the same for all players on that specific day. The general rule for each slot is as follows:

  • First Slot: Everyone has the same rune combination.
  • Second Slot: Possibility of being three different runes (which are the same for everyone).
  • Third Slot: Random for everyone, but the Runecrafting Cape can be used to learn which rune it is.
How to get Vis Wax
Rune Goldberg interface and explanation

Vis Wax Discord Server

To learn more tips and tricks or ask questions about creating Vis Wax players can visit the Vis Wax Discord Server Below. For players who do not have a discord account, they can use the “Vis Wax FC” in game to speak to other players.

Discord Server Invite Link.

vis wax discord server invite link and log