RS3 Vorago Guide

Vorago is one of the most powerful bosses in Runescape 3 and is typically fought with other players, making it easier to efficiently clear the fight. He drops an array of valuable items and resources, players are usually looking to get the Seismic Wand and Seismic Singularity when killing Vorago. The Wand represents one of the best magic weapons in Runescape 3. The singularity is a strong off-hand weapon, which is also great for your accounts magic gear progression.

How to get to Vorago?

Vorago is located just north of Falador. The easiest way to get there (without having the boss portal unlocked) is to use the Falador Lodestone or teleport and run north. The entrance can be seen highlighted in the image below.

Upon entering there is a short section of 2 rocks to jump across before you arrive at the platform with Vorago’s face, where you will usually assemble with your team before each kill. After you get your first kill you can attune a portal at War’s Retreat to Vorago, and set the arrival point to be inside the borehole entrance.

vorago location rs3
Vorago Location

Requirements for Vorago

Vorago himself will not allow you into his arena until you have talked to him first. Simply talk to him and run through all his dialogue options until he gives you the choice “Challenge Vorago?” with options yes or no. This will unlock the achievement “Challenging Chat”, which will allow you to join Vorago instances. If you are unsure if you have done this before, you can check by right clicking Vorago and if the option to challenge him is there, you have completed it.

The only gear requirement for Vorago is t75+ weapon(s). Armour wise, we recommend t80+ power armour, but this is not required. If you are new to Vorago then we recommend using Range or Magic, as you can avoid standing in some of his attacks.

Vorago Preset Examples

vorago preset examples

Strategy Guide to the Vorago Fight

The Battle against Vorago can generally be split into five phases, with different attacks and roles during each. Following the strategy below you will be able to get efficient kills against Vorago.

Phase 1

vorago arena

Vorago’s arena is large and square. For the most part, Vorago himself will stay in the middle. The important roles during the fight will be covered by the host and other ranks, the majority of players will only need to do damage. However, there are some mechanics that you should be aware of. Most phases are ended by completing his mechanics, instead of simply bringing Vorago’s health down to zero.

Vorago will launch three different types of attacks during the first phase, these are as follows:

  • Melee Swipes: Vorago attacks the base with melee swipes. These will hit any player who is next to the base or next to Vorago, even behind him. If you see yourself taking melee damage, move 1 square away from vorago.
  • Blue Bombs: Vorago attacks the players furthest from him with blue bombs, which deal magic area damage. To avoid these, stay close to Vorago. The combination of these Blue Bombs and Melee Swipe attacks means that there is a sweet spot, 2-3 squares away from Vorago where you should take no damage at all. There may be the occasional splash from a blue bomb though, so you should pray against magic damage, or soul split.
  • Red Bombs: You will get a popup saying “Vorago has sent a bomb after you. Run!” in the middle of your screen. You must move at least 5 squares away from all other players, because this bomb does more damage, the more players you are near. On your own it will only hit for 2k, but if you stay in the group you will hit everyone for 7k. If you consistently ignore the bomb mechanic and cause damage to other players then you will be penalised.

Phase 1 ends when Vorago is lured to a specific spot by the base, after which the mechanics will be completed and then Vorago’s health is reduced to zero. After every phase, Vorago will jump 3 times around the arena and deal damage where he lands, this damage can be avoided by moving away from where he lands. Shadows are shown just before he lands, but some skybox settings make these hard to see.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, Vorago will use the same attacks as phase 1, but he will add a few new attacks as well. These new attacks are as follows:

  • Bleeds: You will hear the host calling out number of bleeds that Vorago does. The ranks in the mass deal with this, and as DPS they should never happen to you. If you find that you have a bleed icon (Dismember) on your debuff bar, you can clear it by using freedom.
  • Reflects: After the bleeds, Vorago will do 2 basic attacks before everyone should stop attacking. It is extremely important that you do this, and the most reliable way to do it is to use the Cease ability. When this is done, you should not move away from Vorago, or this may cause you to take damage from blue bombs. After around 10 seconds (or 4 auto attacks), it is safe to resume attacking. It is usually a good idea to have an experience member call off and on if you have inexperienced members or learners in your team.

Vorago will do his attack cycle twice in phase 2 before finishing with a special mechanic where all players should spam click on Vorago, then he will not attack for 15 seconds and his health can be brought down to zero. Just like at the end of phase 1, he will jump 3 times around the arena. A combat dummy will be placed so that players can build adrenaline for phase 3.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, Vorago will use his weekly special attack. Phase 3 is the only phase which is ended when Vorago’s health is reduced to zero, instead of being dependent on mechanics. Therefore, we try to throw as much damage onto vorago as fast as we can, to make Phase 3 end as soon as possible. There are a few mechanics you need to watch out for during this phase, these are as follows:

  • Ceiling Collapse: An area in the arena will have shadows, and then large rocks will fall on it. If you are in the area, then you will take large damage.
  • Scopulus: Two large purple minions will spawn in the south of the arena. These minions must be killed instead of Vorago to end the phase. They deal heavy melee damage, so praying against melee is recommended.
  • Vitalis: Vorago will send out a white orb which will summon up to 5 small purple minions. The dps group should stand on the orb to reduce the number of minions that will spawn. They attack with melee.
  • Green Bomb: The green bomb is the opposite of the red bomb. If you get the popup in the middle of your screen saying that Vorago has targeted you with a green bomb, you should stand next to as many other players as you can, which will reduce the amount of damage you will take.
  • Team Split: All players will be selected to be either Red or Blue. There is a notification in the middle of your screen with text in your colour, there is a notification in your global chat with text in your colour, and your character will turn that colour. Vorago will put down a 2×2 box in each colour somewhere in the arena. You must go and stand in the same colour box, or after around 7 seconds you will take 9k damage when the attack ends.
  • The End: The End mechanic starts with Vorago going into the middle of the arena and dropping his arms down to point and block off one quadrant. All players should move into this quadrant as quickly as possible. The arms will move around like a clock, and everyone needs to follow by staying close to Vorago’s head. No one should click on any of the bombs that are in the corners because they will send out bombs. Bringing a shield and having the adrenaline for the Barricade ability can come in handy.

Depending on the weekly special and the amount of damage done, Vorago may use some other attacks during phase 3, most likely a reflect for which players will need to stop attacking during this period.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is the slowest phase of the fight. Vorago will use all of the attacks from phases 1 and 2, as well as the weekly special attack from phase 3. However if the rotation is Scopulus, he will not summon large minions. There are two new attacks which Vorago does in phase 4.


Phase 4 always starts with this attack. Vorago will place a waterfall in one of the 4 corners of the arena, and all players should run, surge, or dive and stand in that corner. After a few seconds everyone not protected by the waterfall will take 9k damage when the attack ends. It is important to move back into the arena after the attack, and not stay in the corner.


Vorago will summon clones of several players. These are purple minions called “Stone Player Name”. Only the player who has that name will be able to damage the clone, so it is important that everyone kills their clone. If you have been cloned, then there will be a flashing arrow over the minion as well as on the minimap. Once you have killed you clone you can assist in killing other clones.

Vorago will repeat his attack cycle twice in phase 4, ending with a third waterfall. After this last waterfall the phase is ended by bringing his health down to zero. A combat dummy will be placed so that players can build adrenaline for phase 5.

Phase 5

The arena for phase 5 is long and thin. Vorago will spawn in the middle and play push-of-war. When we do enough damage to him, he steps backwards, and when he does enough damage to us, he steps forward. The aim of the phase is to push him all the way to the back of the arena. With enough people this can be done before he has a chance to attack.

phase 5 push vorago

Everyone should start as close to Vorago as they can, and keep moving with Vorago. Every time he takes a step back, everyone should take a step forward. If Vorago gets to attack, he will use:

  • Weekly special attack
  • Reflect
  • Bleeds

Some weekly specials are too large to fit in the phase 5 arena, so:

  • If the weekly rotation is Ceiling Collapse, he will use Team Split instead.
  • If the weekly rotation is Scopulus or The End, he will use Purple Bomb instead.
  • Purple Bomb is a new attack, where some players will be turned purple and have a timer appear in the middle of their screen. When the timer reaches 5 seconds, you should step out of the dps group, let the bomb hit you, and then move back in.

The phase ends when Vorago is finished off using the Maul of Omens. This is an item that is made during the fight and the fight cannot end until it has been used. The Maul will first drop on the ground or in players inventories in pieces, so it is important to feed them to one member so that he can make the maul and finish the fight.