RS3 Deep Sea Fishing Guide

Deep Sea Fishing is an activity players can participate in to train fishing in Runescape 3. This activity gives players access to some of the fastest fishing experience in RS3. It requires a minimum of level 68 fishing to take part in the activity and is accessed via the Fishing Guild, players will need to speak to Goomah. This deep sea fishing guide will show you everything you need to know about the activity.

How to get to Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing is accessed by speaking to Goomah, he will transport you directly to the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. To reach Goomah players will need to visit the Fishing Guild, he can be found towards the center of the guild, as shown in the image below. Some of the fastest methods to reach the Fishing Guild include:

  • Skills Necklace directly to Fishing Guild
  • Teleport to Camelot and run west then south-west
  • Teleport to Ardougne and head north
  • Lunar Spellbook and use the Fishing Guild Teleport
  • Ardougne lodestone teleport and run north.
rs3 fishing guild location

Fishing Setup

Adjusting your setup to have the most optimal skilling gear and inventory for fishing here is important. As it will allow you to maximise catch and fishing experience rates. Allowing you to get the biggest potential returns on your time.

The Call of the Seas Aura, full Shark Outfit, Crystal Rod, Fishing Cape, Ring of Whispers, Urns, Urn Enhancer, Perfect Juju potions and more were all included in this setup. The full set-up is shown in the image below.

deep sea fishing setup

Fishing Methods & Activities

The Deep Sea Fishing area has a multitude of different skilling activities for players to get involved in. Each has their own benefits and unique fishing experience rates. You can see the different activities on offer listed below, with information on their requirements, xp rates and methods used.

Minnow Fishing

Magnetic minnow

Players can fish minnows on the south-eastern side of the deep sea fishing area. To do this, they will require a minimum of level 68 fishing. At this level players can expect around 45,000 base fishing experience per hour, scaling to 87,000 at 99.

Minnows are caught in a stackable form, making the training method AFK and easy. However, their are definitely faster training methods available at this level bracket. So, players will have to sacrifice faster rates for lower levels of intensity. Furthermore, 300 minnows can be exchanged for manta ray, sea turtle or great white shark bait.

Catching Jellyfish

Players can catch two different types of Jellyfish in Runescape 3. At level 68 fishing players can catch Green Blubber Jellyfish and at level 91 players can catch Blue Blubber Jellyfish. Both types can be caught in the northern area of the platform. Blubber Jellyfish can be cooked and turned into one of the best food in RS3, as when consumed they do not cause the player to lose adrenaline. At level 99 players can expect around 61,000 base fishing experience with the green variants and 100,000 base fishing experience with the blue variants.

The Jellyfish have a unique ability, where they can electrify themselves and transform their fishing spot into an electrifying fishing spot. This will cause a debuff stack to apply if players continue fishing from the spot. So, it is advised to pay moderate levels of attention with this method. Fishing at non-electrified spots will cause the debuff to be reduced.

jellyfish fishing spots
Jellyfish fishing spots

Fishing Frenzy

At level 94 fishing, players gain access to one of the fastest fishing training methods in the game. Which can also be found at the Deep Sea Fishing platform, in the north-west section of the area. This method does not produce any fish for the player to keep. However, the base experience rates are around 285,000 per hour with level 99 fishing.

Players are rewarded for their activity, so this is definitely not a method that players who want low intensity will want. As a streak bonus is provided at +1% xp for every 10 catches up to a maximum of +20%. If the player is inactive for six seconds, then the players current streak will be halved.

Catching Sailfish

sailfish rs3

Sailfish can be caught with a minimum of level 97 fishing, in the north-eastern section of the deep sea platform. Sailfish are one of the highest tiered fishes in the game, so can be very useful to have, especially on Ironman accounts. At level 99 fishing, players can expect around 90,000 base fishing xp/hour with this method.

There are three types of Sailfish fishing spots on the platform; one swift sailfish spot, two regular spots and one calm sailfish spot. Swift sailfish spots provide provide higher catch rates, which results in higher experience rates. There are two regular spots, where experience and catch rates will be lower, but the spots will last longer. Finally, the calm spot has a rare chance to appear, if players notice it and go to fish on this spot, they will be able to fish here for longer than normal sailfish spots.

How much XP per hour is deep sea fishing?

The experience rates are as high as 285,000 base fishing experience per hour with Fishing Frenzy. However, there are slower methods such as Minnow Fishing, which can be as low as 45,000 base fishing experience per hour.

Random Deep Sea Events

Players will find that in the central area of the deep sea fishing platform, random events can take place every so often. There will be a public chat notification, with a D&D icon in shown in the area and the skybox will change to night-time mode to signal the random event. The events are beneficial as they can be used to temporarily boost fishing and increase experience rates.

A random event will take place between every 45 minutes and 135 minutes after the previous one. There are 7 different event types which can be seen below:

random event deep sea fishing rs3

Sea Monster

rs3 sea monster

The sea monster can spawn in two forms. The first should be fed with crates of rotten fish, these can be found in the nearby fish barrels. The Second is to be fed raw fish from your backpack. Misty will tell you which variant you need to use, then you can quickly feed the monster. When complete, the player will be granted a 10% chance to gain additional catch. This buff will last for 30 minutes or 10 minutes if the player world-hopped.


During this event, players will need to remove the small jellyfish which spawn on the docks. Players who complete this event will be rewarded with a 5% fishing experience boost for 30 minutes or 10 minutes if the player world-hopped.


Fish minnows from the mouth of a whale to rescue a fisherman trapped inside during this event. When completed the player will be rewarded with a 10% fishing catch boost rate, for 30 minutes or 10 minutes if the player world-hopped.


A giant whirlpool will spawn and players can offer gold to it to receive specific titles. If more than 10 million gold is donated to the pool, a randomly selected deep sea fishing boost will apply for 10 minutes when the event ends, or 30 minutes if players where already in the world when it started. The Titles and values for each are as follows

  • [Name] the Wishful – 1+
  • [Name] the Generous – 10,000,000+
  • [Name] the Millionaire – 100,000,000+
  • [Name] the Charitable – 1,000,000,000+
  • [Name] the Billionaire – 5,000,000,000+
rs3 whirlpool

Travelling Merchant Event

A Travelling Merchant boat will arrive at the hubs center during this random event. Players will be able to purchase an improved version of the uncharted island map for 800k from the pirates. They will also offer one of three items which change with every event. The merchant sells barrels of bait, motherlode maw currency items, deathtouched darts and crystal triskelions.


Players will have to keep a watchful eye out if they want to take part in this random event. As Arkaneo will only last 50 seconds, she arrives and swims in a rotation around the area for a short period of time before swimming off. Players who do manage to interact with her will receive all three deep sea fishing boosts at once for 15 minutes or 5 minutes if players world-hopped.

Arkaneo rs3