RS3 Woodcutting Training Guide

Woodcutting is a gathering skill in Runescape 3, similar to mining and divination. It can be trained in both F2P and P2P, although P2P methods are always advised. As such this RS3 Woodcutting Training Guide will focus on pay-to-play methods and predominantly focus on the fastest methods used to reach level 99 or 120. However, we will also include some alternative Woodcutting training methods for those who want to train the skill passively, AFK or for profit.

Fastest Woodcutting Training Methods

Woodcutting in Runescape 3 is naturally one of the slower skills to train. So, following the fastest woodcutting training methods is advised, when possible. Allowing you to be more efficient with your time and reach higher levels or even max out the skill as fast as possible. Below is a chart for some of the fastest methods, keep in mind these experience rates are prior to any additional bonuses or multipliers being added, so these are the lowest possible rates you can expect.

Base Woodcutting Exp per hour by tree
Base Woodcutting Exp per hour by tree

Regular Trees: Levels 1-10

rs3 tree

At level 1 woodcutting players will need to start by chopping regular trees, unless you have received enough quest experience rewards to by pass this early stage. At this stage players can expect to get around 14,500 woodcutting experience per hour. Regular trees can be found through-out Runescape, although some of the most popular locations to cut them include the Grand Exchange, Lumbridge and Varrock.

Oak Trees: Levels 10-20

rs3 oak tree

From level 10 onwards, players will unlock the ability to chop Oak Trees. These provide the fastest woodcutting experience between levels 10 and 20, with base experience rates at 19,000/hour. These trees can be found south-west of Varrock’s West Bank or just east of the Draynor Village Bank.

Willow Trees

Willow Trees: Levels 20-30

Players gain access to Willow Trees at level 20 woodcutting, providing an average of 27,000 experience per hour. These tree’s are also located near the Draynor Village bank (south-west).

Teak Trees

Teak Trees: Levels 30-40

At level 30 woodcutting players will gain access to their first hardwood tree, the Teak Tree. With chopping teaks players can expect to gain between 30,000 and 41,000 base woodcutting exp per hour depending on current level. These trees should be cut in the Hardwood Grove on Karamja, you may need 100 trading sticks to gain access.

rs3 maple tree

Maple Trees: Levels 40-56

Maples provide a base experience rate of between 40k/hour and 55k/hour, they can be chopped at level 40 woodcutting. The best place to chop these trees is behind the bank at Seers’ Village. Due to the banks close proximity players can choose between banking or dropping.

Arctic Pines: Levels 56-58

Arctic Pines are found on the Isle of Neitiznot, so to use this method players must have complete the Fremennik Isles quest. Chopping these trees provides a base woodcutting experience of 60k/hour.

Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus Trees: Levels 58-60

From level 58 players can begin cutting Eucalyptus Trees for a base experience rate of around 62,000/hour. These trees can be found around Oo’glog and will only need to be cut for a short period of time until reaching level 60 for Mahogany Trees.

Mahogany: Levels 60-99+

rs3 mahogany

At level 60 players unlock the ability to chop Mahogany Trees, which can be found on Ape Atoll, Mos Le’Harmless and Karamja. Expect between 63,000 xp/hour and 109,000 base experience depending on your current level.

It is recommended to complete the light within quest to train woodcutting efficiently with mahogany trees. As using the Light Form prayer and Crystallise spell provides the fastest woodcutting experience in RS3. You will need a minimum of level 80 woodcutting for this quest, along with other high requirements.

Maximum Efficiency Mahogany

With the setup below using Crystallise and lightform in the Kharazi Jungle chopping Mahogany Trees, it is possible to reach woodcutting experience rates up to 468,000 per hour. With the addition of bonus xp, clan avatars, pulse cores, cinder cores and sceptre of enchantment buffs it is possible to reach rates as high as 735,000 xp/hour.

rs3 maximum efficiency mahogany setup for woodcutting

Alternative Woodcutting Training Methods

Training woodcutting with using the fastest methods is not for everyone, many of the methods can be click intensive with little to no profit at all. Below we have listed some of the most popular alternative methods of training the woodcutting skill in RS3.

Evil Trees: Levels 1+

Participating in the Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion can be done at any level. But, expect good experience from level 60 onwards, when players have access to yew evil trees, magic evil trees and elder evil trees. The experience rates for each are as follows:

  • Yew Evil Trees – 111,000 woodcutting exp/hour
  • Magic Evil Trees – 176,500 woodcutting exp/hour
  • Elder Evil Trees – 219,500 woodcutting exp/hour

This way of training is far more interactive and interesting than traditional “boring” woodcutting methods. Every 2 hours an evil tree will spawn across designated locations randomly. A location hint can be provided by speaking to a spirit tree.

The aim is to find the evil tree and destroy it, players will need to cut the tree’s evil roots to do this. Then access the evil tree and woodcut it to deal damage to its total health. Lighting fires will aid in decreasing the tree’s health more rapidly, but this is generally a bad thing if you are wanting to focus on woodcutting exp.

Acadia Trees: Levels 50+

Cutting Acadia Trees in the Imperial District of Menaphos requires level 50 woodcutting. Base experience is around 55-92k/hour, but just like mahogany trees, this scales rapidly with Crystallise and Light form. Players can expect up to 219k/hour with Crystallise and Light form. Furthermore, with a perfectly optimised inventory and gear setup players can expect up to 350,000 woodcutting experience at maximum efficiency.

acadia trees woodcutting exp/hour

Ivy: Levels 68+

At level 68 woodcutting, the ability to chop Ivy is unlocked. This woodcutting activity can take place at multiple locations, such as Falador, Varrock, Yanille and Prifddinas. Cutting Ivy is often chosen by players looking for AFK methods, with minimal amounts of attention required.

The experiences rates start at 86k/hour and scale up to 126k/hour. However, if players cut Ivy in Prifddinas’ Crwys district, then they can benefit from the Voice of Seren effect which will increase woodcutting base experience by 20%. A full breakdown of the exp rates can be found in the graph below.

woodcutting experience rates for chopping ivy

Overgrown Idols: Levels 81+

With level 81 woodcutting the player will gain access to the Overgrown Idols found on the island of Karamja. This method is popular with players looking for AFK methods of training, as it is possible to AFK for around 10 minutes at a time. Since each Idol is surrounded in 20 vines, which takes a full 10 minutes to chop down.

This method provides around 100,000 xp/hour in woodcutting from level 81 onwards. One idol can be found north of the Jadinko Lair while the second is found south-west of the Shipyard entrance.

Crystal Trees: Levels 94+

Crystal Trees are unlocked at level 94, they provide an average of around 130,000 base woodcutting experience per hour. However, with all of the best in slot boosts applied it is possible to reach experience rates of 200k/hour at level 99. These boosts are as follows:

  • Ring of Whispers
  • Clan Avatar Boost
  • Beaver Familiar
  • Perfect Juju potion
  • Inspire Effort Relic
  • Decorated Woodcutting urns and urn enhancer
  • Nature’s Sentinel Outfit
  • Legendary Lumberjack aura
  • Augmented Imcando Hatchet with honed 6 and refined 4
  • Off-hand weapon with Wise 4

There are 8 Crystal Tree locations as seen in the map below, only 1 Crystal Tree is active at a time. So, players must find and travel to the active tree at least once every 2 hours. Players can identify if a tree is active or not by using the right click option to “look at Crystal Tree”.

crystal trees location rs3

Woodcutting Hatchets

Woodcutting Hatchets are the main tool required for chopping trees around Runescape. While the Hatchet itself has an attack level requirement to equip, there is no attack requirement to use them to chop a tree, as the Hatchet can be used in your inventory or tool belt.

There is however various woodcutting level requirements associated with different Hatchets. The general rule of thumb is the higher the requirement the better the Hatchet is for woodcutting. So, it is always recommended to use the best axe you can. The different Hatchets are as follows:

TierHatchet TypeSource
1Bronze HatchetAutomatically added to tool belt on account creation.
1Dwarven Army HatchetFree to obtain from Major Mary Rancour.
10Iron HatchetBuy from NPC shops or smith yourself.
20Steel HatchetBuy from NPC shops or smith yourself.
25Black HatchetBuy from NPC shops or various monster drops.
30Mithril HatchetBuy from NPC shops or smith yourself.
40Adamant HatchetBuy from NPC shops or smith yourself.
50Rune HatchetBuy from NPC shops or smith yourself.
60Dragon HatchetDagannoth Kings drop.
60Inferno AdzeIn the Fired Up mini-game light all the beacons at once.
70Crystal HatchetHave Lady Ithell combine a Dragon Hatchet with 4,000 Harmonic Dusts.
80Imcando HatchetHave Thurgo combine a Dragon Hatchet with four Imcando Hatchet Fragments. Also requires a payment of 1,000,000 coins and a Redberry Pie.

Significant Woodcutting Equipment

Lumberjack Outfit5% experience boost to woodcutting when full set worn or 1% per piece
Nature’s sentinel outfitElite Woodcutting outfit with a wide variety of bonuses, effects and teleports.
Beaver FamiliarInvisible boost to woodcutting of +2
Lumberjack AuraOne of the best rs3 auras for woodcutting. Provides an increased chance of chopping wood while active.
Sana’s FyrtorchOff-hand item that when worn provides 6% increased chop chance. Also provides 20% chance to chop twice in one action for double logs and double experience.