RS3 Fishing Training Guide

Fishing is one of the many core skills that make up Runescape 3’s gameplay. It can be trained in both free-to-play and play-to-play worlds. Although, as always, we would advise players to train this skill in members worlds. This guide will show all of the best fishing training methods available in RS3.

Fastest Fishing Training Methods

The fastest way to train your Fishing levels is by following the methods proposed in the table below. We’d always recommend using the fastest methods, as fishing is not an expensive skill to train anyway and they save considerable time over alternatives.

LevelsFishing ActivityBase Fishing Experience/Hour
20-70Fly Fishing17,000-57,000
70-93Crystalise Fly Fishingup to 115,000
93-94Prifddinas Watefall Fishingup to 130,000
94-99+Fishing Frenzy285,000+
crayfish in rs3

Crayfish: Levels 1-20

At level 1 fishing, players can begin their journey to level 99 by fishing raw crayfish until level 20 is achieved. Players should expect around 11,500 fishing experience per hour with this method, making the time spent to level 20 no longer than around half an hour.

Players can catch raw crayfish at areas include the fishing spots east of Lumbridge Church and on the north side of the lake in Taverley.

Fly Fishing: Levels 20-70

fly fishing in rs3

At level 20 players will unlock the ability to catch raw trout with fly fishing methods. With level 30 unlocking the raw salmon. A fishing rod and feathers are required to catch these fish. Experience rates vary wildly due to the vast amount of levels that need to be acquired here. Expect around 17,000 fishing xp/hour when starting out, scaling up to 57,000+ at higher levels.

Popular locations for fly fishing include Shilo Village, River Lum in Lumbridge and near Barbarian Village. Players can decide to cook the fish they receive as opposed to dropping, to help with early cooking training.

Additionally, at level 58 it is possible to start Barbarian Fishing and catch both leaping trout and leaping salmon. Leaping fish give the same amount of experience per fish. However, the method benefits players as a small amount of experience is given to strength and agility.

fly fishing experience rates rs3

Crystalise Fly Fishing: Levels 70-93

From levels 70 to 93 players should continue fly fishing, providing they are able to use the Crystallise spell and Light Form. These two factors used in combination will significantly increase your fishing experience per hour, up to and around an average of 115,000 per hour.

Priffdinas Waterfall Fishing 93-94

Priffdinas waterfall fishing

At level 93 players can start fishing for small crystal urchins at the Priffdinas Waterfall located between the Meilyr and Crwys Districts in Priffdinas. Since this area is located in Priffdinas, players will need to have completed the Plague’s End quest to gain access. However, there is some additional requirements, including 90 ranged, agility and strength.

It is possible to gain a base experience of around 130,000 fishing experience per hour with this method. Although with boosts this can be scaled to beyond 200,000 per hour. Additionally, players will receive crystal urchin points if they exchange their crystal urchins. These points can be exchanged for fishing experience which accounts for about 9,000 additional fishing xp per hour.

Fishing Frenzy: Levels 94-99+

At level 94 fishing players will unlock the Fishing Frenzy spots at the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. This method provides the fastest fishing experience in RS3 currently. With base experience rates of around 285,000 xp/hour.

Players can access the area by speaking to Goomah in the Fishing Guild. The method itself is very click intensive, with players having to click at least once every 6 seconds. But, can be very rewarding and worthwhile due to the significantly higher experience rates over other alternatives. Additionally, no fish are given from this activity, only experience.

fishing frenzy rs3

Alternative Fishing Training Methods

The methods used above are the fastest and most commonly used for a reason. However, there can still be a few good alternative methods for training the fishing skill. These methods are beneficial for a range of different reasons including their wide ranges in intensity, profit and variety.

Barbarian Fishing: Levels 70+

At level 70, if players do not have access to Crystallise and Light Form, then it is recommended to train with Barbarian Fishing until better training methods that don’t require those Crystallise or Light Form become available. Expect around 65,000 fishing xp/hour at level 70, along with around 5,000 strength and agility experience per hour.

To use barbarian fishing as a method players will have had to complete part of the Barbarian Training that gives access to the heavy fishing rod. The only location to use this method is at Baxtorian Falls near Otto’s House. The method requires low levels of attention and intensity, making it a great AFK training method.

Menaphos Fishing: Levels 72+

Again, this method is optimal if you do not have Crystallise or Light Form for the fly fishing method featured earlier in this guide. At level 72+ you can access the fishing spots in the Menaphos’ Port District and VIP Skilling Area to fish desert soles, catfish and beltfish. This also requires partial completion of the Jack of Spades quest.

With this training strategy it is possible to get experience rates of around 85,000+ per hour. Furthermore, this method is located close to a bank and deposit box, also players will gain Menaphos Reputation.

Giant Oysters

Giant Oysters is a monthly distraction and diversions that is unlocked after completing the Beneath Cursed Tides quest in RS3. The activity provides some of the best fishing experience rates in the game. However, the fact it can only be done once per month makes it unviable in the long-term.

At level 99 fishing players can get a total of 208,980 base fishing experience for an activity that takes between 1 and 2 minutes to complete.

Fishing Wobbegongs: Level 96+

As previously mentioned, the efficient fishing method for this level bracket is the Fishing Frenzy method. However, that is extremely click intensive, which is not what every player is looking for. In contrast, fishing raw Wobbegongs is a much more relaxing and chill method for fishing experience.

Raw Wobbegongs can be found on Uncharted Isles in the Arc region after completion of the Flag Fall miniquest. Around 100 Wobbegongs can be fished per day before the spot is depleted, which provides approximately 68.5k fishing xp. This takes around 30 minutes, which equates to an average hourly fishing exp rate of around 137k/hour.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing Skillcape5% chance to gain an additional catch.
Fishing Outfit5% bonus experience to fishing when worn or +1% per piece.
Fishing UrnsIncreases experience rates by up to 20% per hour.
Crafting levels required to make fishing urns, but you can be assisted by a player who has high crafting.
Torstol Incense SticksUp to +2% experience boost to fishing depending on potency level of the incense sticks. They have a base timer of 10 minutes, and each additional incense adds 10 minutes to the timer up to a maximum of 60 minutes. Requires level 75 firemaking to use.
Crystal Fishing Rod5% increased chance of catching fish where a fishing rod is required.
Tavia’s Fishing Rod– 10% increase chance of catching fish
– Passive effect that produces a chance to activate the effects of a barrel of bait, broken fishing rod and tangled fishbowl for 10 minutes