How to get a Dragon Defender in OSRS

The Dragon Defender is the second strongest defender in the game. It is worn in the shield slot but offers offensive bonuses to melee based combat. The Dragon Defender requires a minimum of level 60 defence to wield in combat. The item is untradable and can only be obtained by completing an activity found in the Warriors guild. Read on in this article as we go through a dragon defender guide on exactly how to obtain the item.


You will need a combined attack and strength level of 130 or more to access the Warriors Guild. However, if you have 99 in one of the two skill then you will be able to by-pass this requirement.

You will also need a full armour set, we recommend bringing a black armour set (legs, plate and full helm). This is the most efficient set to bring, but any other tier of armour from bronze to rune will work.

Armour Reanimation

Once inside of the Warriors Guild with your black armour set, you will need to farm Warrior’s Guild tokens. The fastest method to do this is by using your black armour set on the magical animator stalls.

Once you do this an animated black armour figure will spawn and you can kill it. Once it dies it will drop some warriors guild tokens. Repeat this process until you have stacked up a reasonable amount of tokens (500+).

OSRS Fighting Animated Armour
Fighting Animated Armour

Fighting Cyclops

Once you have a significant amount of tokens, head to the top floor of the warriors guild and enter the room with the Cyclops. Make sure you have restocked on your best food if you need to before entering, there is a bank on the ground floor.

Kill the cyclops within the room until they drop a defender. You will receive a higher tier of defender each time, starting at bronze going up to rune. Every minute in the room ten tokens will be deducted, if you run out of tokens before getting the rune defender, go back and collect more and repeat the process.

Killing the Basement Cyclops

When you receive the rune defender you will now need to move to the basement of the Warriors Guild. Here you will be able to kill cyclops for the chance of receiving the dragon defender at a rate of 1/100. Be careful as the cyclops in the basement are significantly stronger so remember to restock on food and potions.

Dragon Defender FAQs

When looking to obtain your very first Dragon Defender there are often a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions, you can find these explained below.

How long does it take to get the Dragon Defender?

The length of time varies depending on combat level and gear, in addition to how lucky you get. However, it should generally take no longer than 5 hours to complete.

Defender Drop rates

On the upper floor each defender up to rune has a drop rate of 1/50. Whereas, in the basement the Cyclops there have an increased drop rate of 1/100 to receive the dragon defender.

How many Tokens to get a Dragon Defender?

There is no fixed amount of tokens as the time required will vary based on luck, combat gear and levels. However, players can expect an average of around 3,000 tokens to be required to get from bronze to dragon defender.