OSRS Corporeal Beast Guide

The Corporeal Beast, also known as “Corp” is one of OSRS’s high-level bosses. The monster has a total of 2,000 hitpoints, very high defence and a 50% damage reduction against most weapons. Spears, Halberds and the Osmumten’s Fang will deal full damage.

The Corp Beast is killed for its rare sigils; Arcane, Spectral and Elysian. But, can also provide good money per hour from its regular drop table. With drops such as Onyx Bolts providing consistent profit per hour.

How to get to Corporeal Beast in OSRS?

The Corp Beast can be found residing in its own cave. To reach it you can simply use a games necklace to teleport directly to the entrance of his arena.

The cave itself is found within level 19-20 wilderness. So, other transportation methods are not recommended as you will be at risk of PKers.

Corporeal Beast Gear Setup

OSRS Corporeal Beast Gear Setup

Mechanics of the Boss

Attack Styles

The Corp Beast can attack players with both Melee and Magic. She has one melee attack that will occur 40% of the time if you are in melee range. She has 3 separate magic attacks that are all equally as common at 20% each when in melee range or 33% each when out of melee range.

  • Melee attack can hit up to 33 damage.
  • Three different magic attacks that are as follows:
    • Regular magic attack, can hit up to 65 damage. Protect from magic will negate 1/3 of damage.
    • Magic attack that can hit up to 55 damage and drain magic or prayer by 1 or 2 on a successful hit. Protect from magic will negate 1/3 of damage.
    • A Magic attack that will split into six smaller projectiles. The projectiles have an AoE of 3×3. The initial attack can hit up to 40 damage. The AoE can hit up to 30 if it lands on top of your position, or up to 20 if next to you. Protect from magic will negate 1/3 of damage.

Dark Core

On occasion, the Corp Beast can release a Dark Energy Core. It has a 1/8 probability of spawning when Corp receives at least 32 damage, or when its hp is below 1,000. The core will sap hit points from players within its 3×3 area every 2 ticks, for between 5-13 damage. If none are in the area it will jump to a new players location.

You can deal with the core simply by moving two tiles away every time it jumps. As shown in the clip below.

Solo & Duo Corp Method

For low scaled, specifically solo and duo, players will want to gain an advantage by greatly reducing the Corp Beasts stats. Players can reduce its combat stats to zero to allow for consistent kills without running out of food. This involves specing the Corp down and teleporting to the PoH to restore spec. The spec order is as follows:

Players can also enter the boss room with an inventory of their best osrs food and die intentionally. This will provide them with a full inventory of food on the floor for up to 60 minutes. This means the boss does not need to be specced down as far, resulting in faster kills overall. However, supply costs will be significantly higher, which may be more of an annoyance for ironmen players.

Team Method

In larger teams, usually of 3 to 6 players, the amount of damage the team can maintain will be enough to only require the use of DWHs. Simply ensure 3 DWH special attacks have landed then proceed to kill the Corp Beast as usual. Although, maintain high hp through-out the kill to ensure you do not die. As without Arclight and BGS specs, the corp beast can hit high.

Corporeal Beast FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill the Corp Beast for the first time.

How long does it take to solo Corp?

One Corp kill takes around 6-7 minutes in solo. This includes specing the Corp down fully and killing. Providing you have max stats and close to max gear, with a basic PoH setup.

What is Corp Beast weak to?

The Corporeal Beast is weak to Spears, Hasta’s and the Osmumten’s Fang.

OSRS Solo Corp Specs?

  • 3 successful DWH specs
  • 20 Arclight specs
  • 200 BGS Damage

Recommended Stats for Corp Beast?

  • 90+ Melee Stats (Attack, Strength & Defence).
  • 90+ Magic if not greatly reducing its combat stats.
  • 70+ Prayer for Piety.