OSRS Dragon Defender

The Dragon Defender is the second strongest defender in the game. It is worn in the shield slot but offers offensive bonuses to melee based combat. The Dragon Defender requires a minimum of level 60 defence to wield in combat.

It’s defensive capabilities are comparable to an adamant square shield. However, it gives a huge amount of strength bonus at +6, which is one less than the dragonfire shield and 2 less than the Avernic Defender. The defender also gives a boost to accuracy, something which the dfs can not offer. A breakdown of the stats is seen below.

Dragon Defender Stats

OSRS Dragon Defender stats
Dragon Defender stats


Players can upgrade the item to an Avernic Defender. This requires an Avernic Defender hilt to be attached to the Dragon Defender. The Avernic variant requires 70 attack and defence to use but has significantly better bonuses.

Uses for the Defender – where is it good?

The Defender is a best in slot item for almost all melee combat. Particularly in places where you are taking low levels of avoidable damage. You’ll see defenders being used regularly with slayer training but also high level bossing such as raids.

Is the Dragon Defender worth it?

Yes, as a general rule players always want to be setting goals to get untradable items, so long as they are useful. The only investment into this item is your time to go and get it. With such a variety of places it can be used as a best in slot item at, its definitely worth investing the time into obtaining this item. Be sure to check out guide on how to get a Dragon Defender in OSRS.

Dragon Defender Drop Rate

The Dragon Defender has a drop rate of 1/100. It is only dropped from the level 106 cyclops in the basement of the Warriors Guild.