OSRS Barbarian Fishing Guide

Barbarian fishing is one of the fastest methods to training Fishing in osrs. It requires partial completion of Barbarian Fishing, up until the fishing section. As, players will require a Heavy Fishing Rod and fishing bait to be able to Barbarian Fish efficiently. Players can do Barbarian Fishing from as low as 15 fishing. Although, it is not recommended until players can fish leaping salmon at level 58 fishing, for optimal exp rates.

Where to do Barbarian Fishing?

You can train with Barbarian Fishing at Otto’s Grotto, which is just north of Baxtorian Falls. The fastest way to get here is by using a teleport to Barbarian Assault (games necklace) and running south.

osrs barbarian fishing location
Barbarian Fishing Location

Barbarian Fishing Experience Rates

At level 58, players should expect around 40,000 fishing exp an hour while afking or 68k an hour 3-tick fishing. This scales all the way up to 57k afking at 99 and 108k 3-ticking. Additionally, there is some good passive experience in the strength and agility skills that people will earn. It is possible to get from 1-74 agility purely from Barbarian fishing until 99 fishing.

How to do 3-Tick Barbarian Fishing

Below you can see a complete video guide on Barbarian Fishing. Skip to 4:10 to see the section on 3-tick fishing.