OSRS Agility Training Guide

Agility is a members only, non-combat skill in OSRS. It is one of the slowest OSRS skills to train, however, it is arguably one of the most important non-combats. As it provides faster run energy restoration, access to the graceful outfit and access to various shortcuts around the game. This provides important implications at high-level PvM scenarios such as the Saradomin Godwars Boss and the Tightrope Room in CoX.

Fastest OSRS Agility Methods

Questing: level 1-33

quest icon

Early agility levels can be skipped entirely with the use of quest rewards. There are a few quests that can be done at very low requirements, when complete they will give enough experience to get from level 1 to 33 agility. These quests are as follows:

  • Tourist Trap (use experience on Agility twice)
  • Recruitment Drive
  • The Depths of Despair
  • The Grand Tree

The Tourist Trap will get you to level 26 alone, so if you are minimising the number of quests you have to do, then this is definitely the most important one.

Werewolf Skullball: level 25-47

Werewolf Skullball is the fastest agility training method between level 25 and 47. Providing experience rates of around 18,000 per hour. Each game takes approximately 2 and a half minutes, the best route to follow can be seen in the diagram below.

Additionally, to access this method, players will need to have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain and wear the ring of charos to enter the area.

OSRS Werewolf Skullball Route
Recommended Route

Wilderness Course: level 47-52

OSRS Wilderness Agility Course

The Wilderness Agility Course offers the fastest experience from levels 47 to 52 agility. With this method it is possible to gain up to 48,000 agility experience per hour. To access this training method at level 47, players will need to bring summer pies with them, for an agility boost. As level 52 is required to enter the course and level 49 to use the obstacle pipe.

Additionally, since the course is in the wilderness, do not bring anything you would not want to lose. We recommend taking your character naked, with stamina potions and summer pies. An Ice Plateau teleport is the fastest way of reaching the area.

Hallowed Sepulchre: level 52-99

Hallowed Sepulchre provides the fastest agility training experience from level 52 to 99 in OSRS. At levels 92+, with access to the fifth floor, it is possible to gain up to 98,500 agility training experience per hour.

This method is very intense and requires large levels of concentration to achieve the best rates. However, it is significantly more engaging and enjoyable than traditional course. Each run can offer something different, with different choices and variety as to how you complete the floor, unlike the monotonous of running laps around courses. Additionally, this method provides epic rewards including the ring of endurance, hallowed marks can be obtained frequently and traded in for rewards such as the dark dye (graceful recolour).

hallowed sepulchre agility experience per hour osrs
Sepulchre Experience Rates

Alternative Agility Training Methods

Gnome Stronghold Agility Course: Level 1 – 10

If players can not complete the Tourist Trap quest to skip many of the early agility levels. Then it is recommended to train from level 1 to 10 at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. This should only take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete these 10 levels. The course provides around 8,000 agility experience per hour.

Rooftop Agility Courses: Level 10 – 99

Rooftop Agility Courses are a slower method of training the skill, however, they are much easier to train with, requiring lower levels of attention. Additionally, they provide marks of grace, which can be used to unlock rewards such as the Graceful Outfit. They can also be used to buy amylase crystals which can be used for Stamina Potions or sold on the Grand Exchange.

In total there are 9 rooftop agility courses currently, players should go to the highest tier course, unless they have the hard kandarin diary complete. With this diary complete, players should stay at the Seer’s Village course until level 80 (or level 90). Additionally, remember that summer pies can be used here too, to access new courses at a lower level than required.

OSRS Rooftop Agility Course exp/hour
Rooftop Agility Courses Exp/Hour

Barbarian Fishing: Level 30 – 74

Barbarian Fishing is one way players can train the agility skill passively. If a player prioritises fishing training and trains from level 58 to 99 fishing with Barbarian Fishing then they will also reach around level 74 agility. Although, to gain agility experience with this method players will need to already be level 30 agility.

The hourly experience rates for barbarian fishing can be seen below for both tick manipulation and non-tick manipulation methods.

osrs barbarian fishing experience rates
Barb Fishing Experience Rates