OSRS Magic Gear Progression

In OSRS, the Magic skill is often considered as one of the weakest combat styles. But, that doesn’t have to be the case with the right magic gear progression for your account. Magic based attacks can be very useful, especially for slayer training via burst or barrage spells.

Best Magic Gear by level in OSRS

The more you progress through the various magic levels, the more armour and weapons you will be able to use in combat. Upgrades are important, increasing your damage capabilities, allowing monsters to die faster. In turn increasing your kills and experience per hour. Which is very important to ensure you are training or making money efficiently. Below is the outlined mage gear progression for OSRS.

Level 1 – 20 Magic

  • Any Elemental Staff
  • Zamorak Robes
  • Amulet of Magic
  • Seers Ring

As with all low levels, you will be relatively limited in your gear options. Grab any elemental staff, some zamorak robes, an amulet of magic and if you can afford one a seers ring.

Level 20 – 40 Magic

  • Xerician Robes
  • Ancient book

If you have the Defence levels then you can upgrade to Xerician robes and an ancient book or broodoo shield.

Level 40+ Magic

  • Mystic Robes
  • Mystic elemental staff

From level 40 it gets a bit better as you are able to upgrade to the mystics robes set. You can also grab a mystic elemental staff. Additionally, when you hit level 50 magic you can upgrade to the Tome of Fire and Iban’s Staff.

Level 60+ Magic

  • Infinity robes or Ahrims at level 70+ magic
  • God Cape
  • Mage’s Book
  • Ancient Staff or Slayer’s Staff

When you hit level 60 magic you can upgrade to the infinity robes, then another upgrade at level 70 for the ahrims robe top and skirt. Players should also look to complete the mage arena for a god cape around this level. The mage’s book and ancient staff also provide two useful gear upgrades

Level 75+ Magic

In this bracket you will be able to access a variety of powerful magic weapons. From level 78 you can use the Toxic Trident, 80+ magic for the kodai wand and 82+ magic for the sang staff. The signature item of magic and one of the most sought after items in the game is the Tumeken’s Shadow, this is unlocked at level 85+ magic.

Other upgrades include the ancestral robes set, the only armour to give a magic damage boost. Players should also look to complete the Mage Arena II to unlock the imbued god cape. The occult necklace is the best magic necklace to use and the only one that gives a boost to magic damage.

Best in Slot Mage Gear

Below is an example of the best in slot magic gear. One example for the Tumeken’s Shadow and another for barraging with the Kodai Wand.

osrs best in slot magic gear
Max Gear Setups for Magic

Magic Damage Boost Vs Magic Accuracy

When customising your magic gear setup you need to actually understand what to look for and where to optimise. In OSRS, most of the monsters you will face have relatively low levels of defence. This means magic accuracy boosts are not worth a lot in terms of damage value. Whereas magic damage boosts will directly increase your max hits. Leading to a significant increase in overall damage and decreasing your kill times.

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