OSRS Bounty Hunter Guide

Bounty Hunter is back with a new update, released on the 24th of May 2023. This is a PvP minigame where players will be assigned a specific player target. This guide will look over some of the key aspects of Bounty Hunter, how to play and the rewards.

What are the official worlds for Bounty Hunter?

  • World 318 (UK)
  • World 319 (US)
  • World 541 (US)
  • World 567 (UK)
  • World 569 (AUS)

How to get to Bounty Hunter?

The Bounty Hunter entrance can be found at Ferox Enclave. There is a specific portal for Bounty Hunter which players can use. To get there use a dueling ring or the grouping teleport on the minigames tab.

Guide to Bounty Hunter

How to play?

To play Bounty Hunter, an initial deposit must be made to the Bounty Hunter coffer. This gold will be lost if you die unskulled. The deposit fee scales dependant on your combat level. The ranges for deposit fees are as follows:

  • Combat Level 32-60: 30,000 gold
  • Combat Level 61-88: 50,000 gold
  • Combat Level 89-110: 100,000 gold
  • Combat Level 111-126: 150,000 gold

Killing Targets

When you enter the crater, you will be given a random spawn location and assigned a specific target. The target will always be within five combat levels, by default. Although you can adjust this to 10 or 15 by speaking with the Emblem Trader.

While in the BH area, there are a few area specific rules that apply. These are as follows:

  • Teleportation is blocked
  • Binding spells and Ice Barrage will not block players’ movement
  • Protection prayers can not be used

How to earn Bounty Hunter points?

Every time you kill a specific target you will be awarded two bounty hunter points. There is also a bonus for total kill count milestones:

Total Kill CountBounty Hunter Points
Every 10th3
Every 50th5
Every 100th10
Every 500th25

Additionally, players can earn or level up esoteric emblems. Tier 1 emblems can be received as a drop from killing your first target. Alternatively, they can be bought from the store for 2 BH points.

Every target you kill with your emblem in your inventory will level it up. Also, if you are able to kill a player who is carrying their own emblem, then you’ll be rewarded points dependant on the tier of emblem they had. A visual breakdown of this can be seen in the table below.

OSRS BH Emblems
BH Emblems


BH points can be spent on a variety of lucrative and beneficial rewards in the store. From emblems, to ornament kits, imbue’s and PVP armour and weapons.

Some of the best rewards include ancient weaponry and armour sets. This includes items from the Vesta’s, Zuriel’s, Morrigan’s and Statius sets, with their respective weapons. The Vesta’s Longsword and Statius Warhammer in particular are two of the best PVP weapons.

OSRS Bounty Hunter Store
Bounty Hunter Store