OSRS How to get rid of Skull

Players with a skull above their head lose the default 3 item protection provided on death. Therefore, it can be beneficial to lose your skull as soon as possible after leaving the wilderness. This post will show you some of the best ways to remove a pking skull in OSRS.

How to get rid of a PK Skull in OSRS?

To lose your skull in osrs without waiting for it to expire, your character will need to die. This can be to another monster or player. Although, entering the Gauntlet will also remove your skull.

osrs Skull

Fastest methods to get rid of Skull


If you have an optimal PoH setup then there is two super fast ways you can use it for a safe death. You won’t lose any of your items here, since its a safe death, but you will lose your skull. Making it one of the best ways to lose a skull.

You can build a flame pit in your Oubliette room in the basement and use this to kill you. Alternatively, you can build a guardian monster in the Treasure Room and let this kill you, the Rune Dragon will be the best for a fast death.

Let a monster kill you

If you have access to teleports that are close to high level monsters or bosses then use these.

One of the fastest ways to lose your skull is to teleport directly to the Corporeal Beast. Then go straight into the room and let him kill you. Remember not to take any items with you when doing this.

Let another player kill you

Hop to a PvP or bounty hunter world at Edgeville with no food or weapons and let someone kill you. This is one of the fastest methods, but be aware that this will effect your K/D ratio. If this is something you care about then another method may be more appropriate.


If you have access to the Gauntlet or Corrupted Gauntlet then you can use this to lose your skull. Entering and exiting the gauntlet will remove you skull.

Although, its worth noting this wont be accessible for all players. Definitely not most of the accounts that are built for pking specifically. As this requires completion of the Song of the Elves grandmaster quest.