OSRS Fastest Way to 175 Quest Points

Quest Points are important in OSRS as they are required for a number of important quests. With the main one being the Recipe for Disaster quest, which gives access to the Barrows Gloves. This quest requires a minimum of 175 points. Therefore, finding the fastest way to get 175 quest points should be a main priority for most players.

Plan your quest order

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Planning the order of quests you will need to do to hit 175 QP can be very useful. It allows you to start with quests you already have the requirements to complete. In addition to having all of the item requirements ready if you are an ironman.

You can use this optimal quest guide order to have a pre-planned map of the quests you will need to complete in the most efficient order.

Prioritise Quest Point Rewards

When formulating your plan, you’ll want to make sure you focus on quests that reward a high number of QP’s for the time spent completing them. A great example of this is the Romeo and Juliet quest which can be complete in around 5 minutes for a total of 5 quest points.

Make use of Quest Guides

Quest Walkthrough’s and guides are especially useful as they reduce the amount of time spent to complete each quest. Both written and audio/visual guides are good. Although, guides on youtube can be better for speed, as it allows you to play the audio in the background. As opposed to having to stop and read a guide at every section of the quest.