OSRS Blood Runecrafting Guide

The Runecrafting training methods have long been considered some of the most click intensive and unenjoyable skilling methods in the game. However, when blood runecrafting was released with Kourend, it offered a relatively afk and chilled option for the Runecrafting skill.

Requirements for Blood Runecrafting

  • 77 Runecrafting
  • 38 Mining
  • 38 Crafting
  • Chisel & any pickaxe

Recommended Items

How to get to the Blood Altar area?

To craft Blood Runes, players will need to travel to the Arceuus house in Kourend. There are a range of methods to reach the area such as:

  • Wintertodt teleport and then run south-east
  • Fairy ring C-I-S and run east (after paying 80k to unlock it)
  • Kourend castle teleport and run north then east
osrs blood altar location
Blood Altar location

How to craft Blood Runes

  1. Travel to the mining area and mine one of the two runestones.
  2. Fill your inventory full of Dense Essence blocks.
  3. Run to the Dark Altar and turn the dense essence blocks into dark essence blocks.
  4. Run back to the mining area while chiselling the blocks into fragments
  5. Collect a second inventory and run back to the Dark Altar
  6. Turn them into dark essence blocks once more
  7. Run from the Dark Altar to the Blood Altar
  8. Craft the fragments in your inventory into runes at the Blood Altar
  9. Then chisel your second inventory of blocks into more fragments
  10. Use the final set of fragments to craft more blood runes
  11. Return to the mining area (via the shortcut north-east if 73+ Agility)

Blood Essense

Bringing a blood essence along and having it activated in your inventory will give you a 50% chance to craft an extra blood rune per dark essence fragment. If you care about maximising the amount of blood runes you will receive for ironmen or for profit then this is definitely worthwhile. It will barely have any affect on your exp per hour as it only takes up one slot. Each blood essence can craft an additional 1,000 blood runes before being destroyed.

Blood Runecrafting Xp Rates

Players can expect around 37,000 runecrafting xp per hour with Blood Runes. There is also some passive mining and crafting gains, of around 5,000 – 6,000 xp per hour too.

Blood Runecrafting Vs Soul Runecrafting

When players reach level 90 Runecraft, they will unlock the ability to runecraft soul runes. They provide slightly more experience per hour. Blood Runecrafting gives 37,000 experience per hour, in comparison to Soul Runecrafting which gives 49,000 experience per hour.

However, Blood Runecrafting generally has higher levels of profit. Thanks to blood essence and the fact blood runes are in much higher demand.

The implications of blood runes for ironmen accounts that need to charge items such as the Scythe of Vitur and Sanguinesti Staff is also worth considering.