OSRS Black Chinchompas Guide

The Black Chinchompa is the strongest type of Chinchompa, after the Red Chinchompa. It is caught with the hunter skill at level 73 or higher, and the fastest hunter experience rates in the game. Additionally, Chinchompas are a very sought after ranged supply, as such they always hold a high value, making this a profitable way to train hunter to 99.

Requirements to catch Black Chinchompas?

  • 73+ Hunter
  • 5+ Box Traps


  • Tank gear (no more than 4 valuable items – protect item prayer active).
  • Food/supplies to tank PKers from level 33 to level 30 wilderness.
  • Royal seed pod or glory to teleport at level 30 wilderness.

Where to catch Black Chinchompas?

Black Chinchompas are found south-east of the Lava Maze. They can only be caught in this one location, which is in at level 33 wilderness, so be wary of PKers. The fastest methods to get there include:

  • Edgeville canoe to level 33 wilderness (axe required)
  • Burning amulet teleport to Lava Maze and run south-east
  • Wilderness obelisk (level 35) teleport and run east
  • Ferox Enclave teleport and run north
osrs Black Chinchompa hunting area
Black Chinchompa hunting area

Tank Gear Setup

Below is an image of the recommended gear to tank to optimise your defence. This will help you be able to easily escape PKers and keep your chins. It is recommended to bank your chins around every 300 – 500 if you care about keeping them, just to be safe.

osrs black chins tank gear
Tank gear for the Wilderness

Dealing with PKers

When gearing your character, magical defence should be the highest priority to avoid being frozen by PKers. Although, you will also want to ensure good ranged and melee defence to protect against high-hitting incoming damage if and when you are frozen (or rushed). The Staff of the Dead special attack should be utilised if you are attacked by a pker, it will half all of your opponents melee damage for one minute.

Additionally, prioritise the use of overhead protection prayers as much as possible. This will maximise your ability to survive and escape PKers easily, as you reduce their potential damage. In addition to potentially halving their teleblock spell if it lands on you when you have protect from magic activated.

The hunter area is only a few levels from the 30s teleport line, making escape easy in most situations. However, if you do find yourself teleblocked, then you can run west to the bandit camp mine. Here you will be able to gain aggro from any of the hobgoblins in the area and wait for your teleblock to expire. Brewing your stats to 0 will help to minimise any damage dealt to the hobgoblins (keeping you in combat with it for longer).

Catch Chance

osrs Catch rates for Black Chinchompa based on Hunter level
Catch rates for Black Chinchompa based on Hunter level

Black Chinchompas Experience Rates

At level 73 hunter, players can expect around 145,000 hunter exp per hour. At level 80 this scales to around 180k and at 99 players can get 220k exp per hour. However, this is all without the use of any tick manipulation methods. Players can use 3-tick hunter to scale experience rates up to 280k at level 99.

3-tick Hunter

As previously mentioned, 3-ticking your box trap placements can increase hunter experience rates significantly. For this you will need to use a Teak/Mahogany log on a knife or you can use Guam/Tarromin/Marrentill on Swamp Tar (with a pestel and mortar in inventory). Below is a video example of how 3-tick hunter looks.

Money making with Black chinchompas

Black Chinchompas are a multi-target ranged weapon, because of this they are capable of producing some of the highest ranged experience rates in the game. As such, they always hold a high value. It is possible to make between 1 million and 1.5 million gp per hour hunting black chinchompas on average.