OSRS HD Plug-in

For many years players fought with Jagex over the need to build a HD (High Definition) client or plug-in to play OSRS in. With many previous attempts shut down before they were ever fully playable. But, in late 2021, Jagex allowed the release of 117’s HD plug-in for OSRS. The Plug-in was added to Runelites plugin hub under the name “117 HD”. The plug-in has revolutionised many dull and gloomy locations around OSRS into aesthetic masterpieces, including areas such as Kourends Catacombs or raiding areas such as CoX.

OSRS HD Plug-in
HD Graphics Example

How to play OSRS in HD mode?

  1. Download Runelite.
  2. Go to the Configuration section of the Client, in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the “plugin hub” button, at the bottom of the plugin list.
  4. This will open a huge collection of OSRS plug-ins and client add-ons. Use the search bar to find “117 HD”.
  5. Click Install to add it to your list of plugins.
  6. Move back to the configuration section.
  7. Ensure 117 HD is enabled.

Best Settings for OSRS HD

The best settings for HD is subject to the players preference. However, some popular adjustments include setting draw distance to the maximum amount (90), this allows the player to see a far greater amount of the surrounding map. Additionally, adding a dynamic fog depth adds a more detailed affect to the surrounding environment.

Anti-aliasing is good to have turned on, as it smooths out the edges of objects. Helping to provide a cleaner, higher detailed look for some of these old designs. Also, be sure to add dynamic lighting on, this will brighten up your screen, taking rather dull colours and bringing them to life.