OSRS Dailies

In Oldschool Runescape there are a range of different activities and rewards you can claim on a daily or sometimes weekly basis. They provide a range of great reward, but are usually based on experience, gold or specific items. Some items can be particularly useful to accounts such as ironmen, main accounts can usually sell them on the Grand Exchange if they don’t have a use for them.

Throne of Miscellania

Managing Miscellania is a repeatable unlock after completing the Throne of Miscellania quest. Players will need to invest some money into the coffer of Miscellania, up to 5,000,000 coins or 7,500,000 with completion of the Royal Trouble quest.

Players will be rewarded daily with various types of resources that will end up being worth more than their initial investment. Providing that you are able to maintain your approval rating within the city. If you complete the Fremennik medium diary, you will gain approval rating faster.

Zaff’s Daily Battlestaves

Zaff's Battlestaves

Each day Zaff will sell you a limited amount of Battlestaves for 7,000 coins each. Iron men can use these for crafting experience and profit. As they can craft battlestaves and high alch them for gold. Main accounts can do the same or sell them directly on the Grand Exchange for an instant profit.

With every tier completion of the Varrock diary, players will be able to get more battlestaves from Zaff. 15 staves with easy, 30 with medium, 60 with hard and 120 with elite diary completion.

Free pure essence

Players can collect free pure essence from Wizard Comperty once a day. The amount you receive scales based on your completion of the Ardougne diary. 100 are given for medium daily, 150 for hard and 250 for elite. Due to their very low value, this is mainly beneficial to low level iron man players.

Bert Daily Sand Delivery

When you complete the elite Ardougne diary tier, Bert will automatically deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank once a day. In order to receive the delivery you will need to have logged in at some point during the day.

Explorer’s ring – Daily Alchemy

Explorer's ring

Every day, players will be able to use the Explorer’s ring 1+ to cast low alchemy 30 times for free, with completion of the easy Lumbridge diary. When you complete the elite tier of the Lumbridge diary this will change to 30 high alchemy casts for free.

This can be very beneficial when at the God Wars Dungeon. Fighting bosses that drop lots of alchables but require you to be on a spellbook that does not allow alching. Kree’arra, K’ril and General Graardor are good examples of where it can be beneficial.

Bow String

Every day you can exchange between 30 and 250 flax for bow string with the Flax Keeper in kandarin. Completion of the easy Kandarin diary will allow 30 flax to be exchanged for 30 bow string. The medium diary will allow 60, hard for 120 and elite for 250.

Ogre Arrows

With different tier completions of the Western Provinces diary, Rantz will grant free ogre arrows. Completion of the easy tier will reward you 25 daily, medium for 50, hard for 100 and elite for 150.

Bonemeal and Slime

Robin in Port Phasmatys

Convert between 13 and 39 bones directly into buckets of slime and bonemeal when you speak to Robin in Port Phasmatys. To do this you will need to complete the medium Morytania diary for 13 of each, the hard diary for 26 of each and the elite for 39 of each.

Free Runes

Speak to Lundail to claim free runes dependant on your progress in the Wilderness Diary. 10 free runes will be provided for completion of the easy tier, 20 for the medium tier, 30 for hard and 50 for elite.

Herb Boxes

Use 9,500 Nightmare Zone points daily to claim up to 15 herb boxes. The estimated profit from this is around 150k daily.

Free Dynamite

After completion of the medium Kourend & Kebos diary, players can claim 20 dynamite from Thirus. After hard completion you can get 40 and with elite you can claim 80 dynamite for free daily.

Tears of Guthix

This is the only one of our dailies that is actually done once per week on this list. After completion of the Tears of Guthix quest you can play the Tears of Guthix minigame. The game lasts around 2 minutes but provides significant experience in your lowest levelled skill. This is particularly beneficial if your lowest skill is one slow to train like agility or runecrafting.