OSRS Kudos Guide

Kudos is a type of reward granted to individuals who have helped the various staff members in the Varrock Museum. As you reach different milestones of obtained Kudos, the staff will provide you with a range of rewards. Some of these rewards are as follows:

  • 100 Kudos required for starting the Bone Voyage quest.
  • 150 Kudos required for access to the Volcanic Mine.
  • 153 Kudos required to use the gate that connects the Digsite to Varrocks east entrance.

How to obtain Kudos?

There is a total of five different methods that can be used to earn kudos. In total a maximum of 230 Kudos can be achieved in the Varrock Museum. Via a range of different activities such as:

  • Cleaning finds (50 Kudos).
  • Orlando Smith’s natural history quiz (28 Kudos).
  • Completing fossil exhibits (72 Kudos).
  • Completing specific quest and speaking with Historian Minas about their details (75 Kudos).
  • Giving ancient relics to Curator Haig Halen (5 Kudos).

List of Quests that offer Kudos

After completing a quest you can visit the first floor of the Varrock Museum and speak with Historian Minas. You will enter a short cut scene and be rewarded with your kudos and potentially an antique lamp with exp rewards. A full list of the applicable quests can be found below.

QuestDisplayKudosXP Lamp
Demon Slayer255None
Rune Mysteries215None
Shield of Arrav2451,000 exp in any skill over 20
The Grand Tree105None
Hazeel Cult75None
In Aid of the Myreque235None
Making History4651,000 exp in any skill over level 20
Merlin’s Crystal951,000 exp in any skill over level 20
Observatory Quest175None
Priest in Peril235None
A Tail of Two Cats205None
Temple of Ikov285None
What Lies Below35None
Curse of the Empty Lord (Miniquest)281010,000 exp in any skill over level 50

Cleaning Finds

There is an activity that can be done in the Varrock Museum that involves cleaning archaeologists findings. For this you will need leather boots, gloves, a trowel, rock pick and specimen brush. There are five artefacts that can be found and each one gives 10 kudos each, these are as follows:

  • Pottery
  • Old Symbol
  • Ancient Symbol
  • Ancient Coin
  • Old Coin

When you find each of these artefacts, they should be taken and placed in a display case around the Museum.