OSRS Chaos Elemental Guide

Chaos Elemental, also known as the “Chaos Ele” is one of OSRS’s many wilderness bosses. This one is known for its extremely common pet, with a drop rate of just 1/300. Making it osrs’s fastest boss pet by far. Although, the pet can also be obtained by killing the Chaos Fanatic at a slower rate of 1/1,000. The boss is also relatively quick and easy to kill. With its difficulty level comparative to other wilderness bosses such as Scorpia.

How to get to Chaos Ele in OSRS?

The Chaos Elemental roams the area slightly south-west of the Rouge’s Castle. This is located deep in the wilderness at level 50. The fastest methods of reaching the location are:

  • Level 50 Wilderness Obelisk then run west.
  • Use the lever south of Edgeville bank then run north and slash the web, then run east past the Scorpion pit. (A knife or slash weapon is required for the web).
  • Annakarl teleport then run north-east through the gate then back west.

Chaos Elemental Gear Setup

OSRS Chaos Elemental Gear Setup
Chaos Elemental Gear Setup

How to kill the Chaos Elemental

  • Pray protect from magic through-out. Although, note, Chaos Ele attacks with random damage types, so you will take damage through-out.
  • If you are teleported by the Chaos Ele, attack her again immediately to avoid slow kills.
  • Ensure your inventory is always full. If the inventory is not full, she can un-equip your items randomly. This is why Pie’s are the chosen food in the gear setup, as when eaten they leave a empty dish in the inventory.
  • Hop worlds after each kill if you want to maximise efficiency. As the respawn timer is very long.

Chaos Elemental FAQs

Below is some of the most frequently asked questions by players looking to kill the Chaos Elemental for the first time.

Recommended Stats for Chaos Ele?

Level 60+ ranged is recommended to wield the Craws Bow. With level 37+ prayer as a minimum for protect from magic. Although, those with significantly higher combat stats will always have an advantage due to active pkers.

How many Chaos Elemental Kills per hour?

Without world hopping up to 40 kills per hour is achievable. With world hopping between kills players can achieve up to 60 kills per hour.

Can Chaos Elemental be killed on task?

The Chaos Elemental can only be assigned as a slayer task, if the players have unlocked boss tasks. If this is unlocked then any slayer master in the game can potentially assign the Chaos Elemental, including the wildy slayer master.