OSRS Tekton Guide

Tekton is one of the main combat rooms that features in the Chambers of Xeric – CoX. He is one of the few monsters in the raid to drop Overload potions, along with the Muttadiles and Vanguard rooms. Tekton has a high defence level of 205, but is weak to Crush Weapons.

Best Gear Setup for Tekton

The most important thing for tekton is to maximise crush bonus. This is why the Inquisitor set is so good here. However, in teams of 3 or more it is not as important due to Tekton’s defence being reduced with Dragon Warhammers and Bandos Godswords. Remember to put your scythe on crush when killing tekton with Inquisitor.

Max Setup

OSRS Tekton Max Gear
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Setup

OSRS Tekton Mid-tier Gear
Example Mid-tier Setup

Mid-tier No Scythe Setup

OSRS Tekton Mid-tier no scythe Gear
Example Mid-tier No Scythe Setup

Remember to put Lance on crush when using it on Tekton.

Budget Team Setup

OSRS Tekton Budget team Gear
Example Budget Team Gear

Budget Solo Setup

OSRS Tekton Budget Solo Gear
Example Budget Solo Gear

How to Kill Tekton

  1. Lure Tekton away from his Anvil (and to the back of the room)
  2. Pray protect from melee and piety
  3. Attack him using defence draining special attacks
  4. Then use your best melee weapon (high crush bonus weapons are more important the higher his defence is).
  5. To avoid him damaging you, run around him in a circular motion, attacking him on the final tile of each side. This can be seen in the image below.
  6. If he returns to the anvil before dying. Move 2 squares when you see his boulder attack aim at you.
Tekton Running Strategy
Tekton Running Strategy

During the fight, Tekton is completely immune to all ranged and magic attacks. Therefore, if you are using thralls remember to cast a melee thrall.

When he returns to the Anvil he will begin to heal himself while throwing a 3×3 area of effect attack. He has 3-6 regeneration cycles at the anvil, each of these is represented by an AoE attack which you must dodge. Each cycle he will regenerate 1% + 1 of his base HP and 5% + 1 of his base defence.

Avoid standing under tekton as he moves to and from the anvil. He deals 1-7 typless trample damage per tick. It is also possible to get stuck under him if you are under him while he is attacking other players. You won’t receive anymore damage if you are stuck, but you won’t be able to attack him until he begins to move back to the Anvil. This only applies to team raids.

Advanced Tekton Lure

In teams of 2 or more, one of the players can lure tekton to the back or side of the room. This allows the rest of the players to get there defence reducing special attacks in while tekton is moving to the back of the room. He will always do the same number of attacks, therefore, luring him like this delays the attacks. Giving your team more time to kill him before he can return to the anvil. The lure example is shown below.

OSRS Tekton Lure
Tekton Lure

How to Solo Tekton

The method for soloing tekton is a little more advanced, as you can use a mixture of scythe and the inq mace (4 and 5 tick weapons). You are also able to walk around tekton without taking any damage. An example of how it should be done in CM layout is seen below.

Example Solo Tekton Kill