OSRS Maniacal Monkeys Guide

The Maniacal Monkeys is a method of training hunter in OSRS. Which is unlocked at level 60 hunter, if you have completed the quest Monkey Madness 2. This guide will show you how and where to catch Maniacal Monkeys.

While this method does not provide efficient rates of hunter experience it is still popular. This is due to how AFK-able it can be done. Players are only required to put in very low levels of intensity to get some decent hunter exp.

Where to start catch Maniacal Monkeys?

Maniacal Monkeys can only be hunted in Kruk’s Dungeon. To get here you will need to travel to Ape Atoll island. Once on the island head to the north-west part of the island and investigate the jungle grass. This will lead you into a dungeon, head north and cross the monkey bars and continue north through the passage to Kruk’s Dungeon.

OSRS Kruk's Dungeon entrance (highlighted blue)
Kruk’s Dungeon entrance (highlighted blue)

Guide to Catching Maniacal Monkeys

Deadfall traps are used as the method of catching Maniacal Moneys. Players must use bananas as the bait item and lure the monkeys beneath a large rock. Simply click one of the rocks with a banana in your inventory to lay the trap.

Bringing baskets of bananas is a good method to ensure you have enough bananas to last a long time in the area without needing to leave. Although, if you have access to the bones to bananas spell or tablets these can be used. There is a lot of bones scattered around the room that can be used to generate bananas.

OSRS Hunting Maniacal Monkeys
Hunting Maniacal Monkeys

Maniacal Monkeys Experience Rates

From level 60 hunter, players can expect approximately 60,000 hunter experience per hour with moderate concentration. As you progress through the levels this rises to 100,000 exp per hour by level 90. Finally topping out at up to 120,000 hunter experience at level 99.

Catch Rate for Maniacal Monkeys

At level 60 hunter, your average catch rate chance will be around 41%. When at level 80 you can expect a 66% probability of a successful catch. Finally, when you reach level 99 it will be around 89%. The rate scales up gradually every level, as you can see in the graph below.

OSRS Maniacal Monkeys catch rate