OSRS Coal Bag

The Coal Bag is an item that can be used to hold up to 27 un-noted coal ore, or 36 if the smithing cape is worn. This makes it a useful item for both mining and smithing. The bag is not degradable and can be refilled just like essence pouches.

Additionally, the bag has a toggleable effect that allows the user to open the bag. This will automatically place any coal the player obtains into the bag.

OSRS Coal Bag
Coal Bag

How to get a Coal Bag?

The Coal Bag is an untradeable reward from the Motherlode Mine. Players can pay Prospector Percy 100 golden nuggets for the bag. Only one bag can be owned at a time, but it can be sold back to Percy for 80 nuggets (80% of its original cost).

What is the Coal Bag good for?

The bag has a range of uses for both mining and smithing. However, its primary use is blast furnace as it allows players to transport coal ore to the furnace faster and more efficiently. It can also be used for mining coal, but this is not a common training method.

Is the Coal Bag worth it?

If you plan to do blast furnace with bars that require coal ore then the bag is worth getting. If you don’t then the coal bag should be lower on your list of priorities. The prospectors kit and access to the upper level in motherload mine may be more valuable to you.

Additionally, mining coal ore can be a good low level training method. Accounts such as ironmen may wish to keep the ore when mining in the best coal ore mining spots. Therefore, a coal bag can be useful to reduce trips to the bank.

How long does 100 Golden Nuggets take?

On average, players can expect around 10 hours of Motherlode Mine to get 100 golden nuggets.