OSRS Minnow Fishing Guide

Minnows are a type of fish that can be caught with a small fishing net in the Fishing Guild at level 82 fishing. Players will have to speak to Kylie Minnow in the guild to then travel to the fishing platform, this does also require the full Angler’s outfit and completion of the Fishing Contest quest.

Minnows are stackable, so players are not required to bank during this fishing method. They can later be exchanged for noted raw sharks. At a rate of 1 raw shark per 40 minnows.

Minnow fishing spots move around more than regular net fishing spots. Their up-time is a fixed interval of precisely 25 ticks (or 15.6 seconds), after this time the minnow spot will move 1 tile clockwise. There is a further 1/10 chance that a flying fish will begin jumping out of your fishing spot, this fish will eat 16-26 minnows as long as you keep fishing in the spot. Therefore, it pays to be paying attention if you are here to maximise minnows (sharks) per hour.

Requirements for Minnow Fishing

  • 82+ Fishing
  • Angler’s Outfit
  • Small Fishing Net
  • Completed the quest Fishing Contest
  • Optional; Rada’s Blessing for increased yield

Where to do catch Minnows?

To catch Minnows, first travel to the Fishing Guild and speak to Kylie Minnows. He will help you by transporting you directly to the Fishing Platform. Here you will find the minnow fishing spots that you can use. To travel to the fishing guild use one of the following methods:

  • Skills Necklace teleport to Fishing Guild
  • Ardougne teleport and run north
  • Lunar spell teleport to Fishing Guild
  • Camelot teleport and run west through Seers’ Village then south-west
  • Ranging Guild teleport with the Combat Bracelet and run west
OSRS Minnow Fishing location
Minnow Fishing location

Minnow Fishing Experience Rates

At level 82 fishing with moderate concentration players can expect around 40,000 fishing experience per hour. This scales up to 56,000 fishing experience an hour at level 99. See the full list of experience rate breakdowns in the table below.

OSRS Minnow Fishing Experience Rates
Minnow Fishing Experience Rates