OSRS Fishing Monkfish Guide

Catching Monkfish is a very popular fishing training method in the osrs community. Due to its high levels of AFK and low intensity, making it one of the best things to do on mobile. This makes it a great way to train the skill without actually needing to pay much attention at all. There’s also some passive profit from selling the raw monkfish, as its generally faster to bank than drop them since the bank is so close.

Requirements for catching Monkfish

  • 62+ Fishing
  • Completion of Swan Song
  • Small Fishing net

Rada’s Blessing and Anglers outfit is recommended for increased yield and experience.

Where to do catch Monkfish?

Monkfish are fished along the Northern shore of the Piscarilius Fishing Colony. Access is only granted to this area after partial completion of the Swan Song quest. The fastest methods of transportation here are:

  • Fairy ring code A-K-Q and run north-east.
  • Piscarilius teleport scroll and run north-east.
  • Western banner 3+ teleport to Piscarilius.
OSRS Fishing Colony
Fishing Colony

Monkfish Fishing Experience Rates

Experience rates are relatively slow, as such should be expected due to its low intensity. The rates do not change much as the level increases either. At level 62 expect close to 36k fishing exp per hour and 42k at level 99 fishing. The full breakdown of fishing exp through the different level tiers can be seen below.

OSRS Monkfish Fishing Experience Rates
Monkfish Fishing Experience Rates

Catch Rates

Catch rates at level 62 fishing start at 29.30% for raw monkfish. Scaling up to 35.55% at level 99 fishing. The breakdown by level can be seen in the graph below.

OSRS Monkfish Catch Rates