OSRS Best Non-Slayer Monsters for Money

This guide will take a look at some of the best non-slayer monsters for money and profit in OSRS. We know not everyone loves to train slayer or maybe you have a high combat alt without slayer levels that you’d like to make some side money with. Luckily, there’s still a range of great monsters you can face for profit without a slayer level requirements.

Rune Dragons

Rune Dragons provide a brilliant money making method without any slayer level requirements. Although, you will need to have completed Dragon Slayer II for this. Players can expect anywhere from 1 to 2 million gold per hour with Rune Drags. They’re also super AFK to do, making it a great option for an ALT account to do while playing your main.

OSRS Rune Dragons
Rune Dragons

Demonic Gorillas

The Demonic Gorillas do not require any slayer level to damage them. But, they can actually be killed on a Black Demon slayer task, to gain slayer exp and the damage boost from the slayer helmet.

They are best known for dropping the lucrative Zenyte shard. Used to create zenyte jewellery such as the tormented bracelet, torture amulet, anguish and more. Although, they’re regular loot also provides a consistent amount of profit, mainly through alchable rune items.

OSRS Demonic Gorilla
Demonic Gorilla

Lizardman Shamans

Lizardman Shamans are another good option, if killing these, the Shayzien armour is also highly recommended when fighting shamans. They are best known for dropping the valuable Dragon Warhammer drop. But, they also drop a consistent array of alchable loot.

Green Dragons

Green Dragons provide significantly less profit per hour than the previous suggestions. However, they do benefit from being far more accessible. There are no requirements needed to kill Green Dragons. They are located in the wilderness so be wary of the gear you take to kill them.

Hourly profits at Green Dragons are around 500-600k. Making them a good option for any mid tier player or for a low levelled alt.

OSRS Green Dragon
Green Dragon

Lava Dragons

Lava Dragons are similar to Green Dragons, but will provide a higher amount of hourly profit. They drop the Lava Dragon bones which are significantly more expensive, along with more lucrative regular drops. Players can expect around 800k+ profit per hour.

But, this does not come without added risk, as the Lava Dragons are located in the deep wilderness and in a multi-combat zone. Therefore, you are at significantly more risk of being killed by PKers than Green Dragons. 74 Agility and the hard wilderness diary complete is beneficial to use the stepping stones to escape the island when PKers arrive.

OSRS Lava Dragon
Lava Dragon