OSRS Sand Crabs Guide

Sand Crabs are a type of low level monster in Oldschool Runescape. They are predominately killed as a means of low level combat training. Their high hit points level, paired with super low defensive and offensive stats makes them a great monster for training on. Additionally, they are aggressive monsters, with large volumes of them spawning in close proximity.

The Sand Crab is a close relative to the Rock Crab and Ammonite Crab. The Sand Crab is the second strongest of the three crabs. In this OSRS Sand Crabs guide, we will take look at some of the most efficient strategies to kill this monster.

Where to kill Sand Crabs in OSRS?

  • South of Hosidius
  • Crabclaw Isle
  • Crabclaw Cave
  • Isle of Souls

The most popular location to kill these crabs is along the coast of Kourend. Just south of hosidius you will find a long beach, on the beach is over 100+ sand crab spawns. The fastest way to get there is by using the PoH teleport spell if your house is in hosidius and running south. Other methods include using the fairy ring code D-J-R and running east then south. Or, the Xeric’s Talisman to the Xeric’s Glade and running south.

osrs sand crabs location
Sand Crabs location in Kourend

Sand Crabs Gear Setup

Finding the most optimal gear to use when killing Sand Crabs in OSRS is important. Helping to increase your kills per hour and reduce supply costs. Both Melee and Ranged Combat is viable here. Below you can see a range of melee and ranged example setups depending on your budget.

Melee Gear Setups

Max Melee

max melee rapier gear for sand crabs in osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Melee

mid-tier melee gear gear for sand crabs in osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Melee

budget melee gear setup for killing sand crabs in osrs
Example Budget Setup

Ranged Gear Setups

Max Ranged

max ranged gear for sand crabs in osrs
Example Max Setup

Mid-tier Ranged

mid-tier ranged gear for sand crabs in osrs
Example Mid-Tier Setup

Budget Ranged

budget range gear for sand crabs in osrs
Example Budget Setup

Sand Crabs Guide FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions by players reading this strategy guide and looking to kill Sand Crabs for the first time.

Are Sand Crabs free to play in osrs?

No, Sand Crabs are available only in member’s worlds. As the locations they are found in can not be accessed by free to play members. Therefore, if you want to train on these monsters you will need to pay for a membership subscription or buy a bond on the Grand Exchange.

How much XP per hour are sand crabs?

Between 10,000 and 70,000 combat experience an hour can be expected at sand crabs. Like all combat training the amount of experience you will receive every hour varies greatly. Depending on the type of gear and combat levels you already have.

Best worlds to use?

If you have access to total level worlds then these can be good worlds to use. As low level account and new players can not gain access. Other than that, try going to some of the lower population worlds. Or, going during off-peak times when most people in Europe and America will be at work or asleep.