OSRS Xeric’s Talisman

The Xeric’s Talisman is an amulet that represents the city of Great Kourend. The amulet can be charged with Lizardman Fangs and used to teleport to various locations around the city of Kourend. Each fang provides one charge, up to 1,000 charges can be held at any one time. With every teleport used, one charge is used.

How to get the Xeric’s Talisman

osrs Xeric's Talisman

There are currently two methods used to obtain the Talisman. The most popular is to kill lizardmen, they drop the talisman at a rate of 1/250, or 1/125 with the easy Kourend diary complete. They are found in a multi-combat area that allows the use of a dwarf multicannon.

Alternatively, players can obtain it from looting the stone chest. It can be received at a rate of 1/300 here. This is considerably slower than killing lizardmen, but can be a good alternative for players with low combat stats or skiller accounts.

Teleport Locations

The teleport locations for the Xeric’s Talisman are as follows:

  • Xeric’s Lookout: south-east of Shayzien.
  • Xeric’s Glade: north-east of the Hosidius farming patch.
  • Xeric’s Inferno: In the Centre of Lovakengj.
  • Xeric’s Heart: Kourend Castle (unlocked after completion of Architectural Alliance miniquest).
  • Xeric’s Honour: Outside of the Chambers of Xeric.
xerics talisman Teleport locations osrs
Talisman Teleport locations

How to add Xeric’s Talisman to your house

Mounting the Talisman in your PoH requires level 72 construction (boostable). It can be mounted in the Portal Nexus room. When mounted the talisman will provide unlimited teleport charges, similar to other mounted teleports. The materials required to mount the talisman are as follows:

  • 1 Inert Xeric’s Talisman
  • 1 Mahogany plank
  • 1 Gold leaf
  • 5,000 Lizardman fangs