OSRS Fairy Rings

osrs fairy rings

Fairy Rings are a type of transportation system in Oldschool Runescape. They become unlocked after partial completion of the Fairy Tale II – Cure a Queen quest. There are currently a total of 48 working fairy ring codes out of a potential 64.

To use a fairy ring, players will need to be wielding the dramen or lunar staff. Alternatively, once you have completed the Lumbridge & Draynor diary elite tier, you will be able to use the rings without a dramen or lunar staff.

How to use a Fairy Ring?

To use a fairy ring, players must first find one in any of the 48 locations around osrs. Players can make a fairy ring in their PoH (with 85+ construction), which is theoretically the most accessible fairy ring in the game if you have an efficient PoH layout.

Players without this will find the fairy ring at Legends’ Guild is easy to access if you have the quest point cape teleport. Alternatively, a slayer ring teleport to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon is only 16 tiles away from a fairy ring.

osrs fairy rings codes

Once you have reached a fairy ring you will then need to add a code. The code should correlate to the destination you want to travel to. As each destination has its own unique 3 letter code. These codes can be found listed below.

Fairy Ring Code Combinations

The fairy ring codes can be broken down into 4 individual categories or types. Each category begins with its own letter “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”. You can find all of the available fairy ring code combinations in the tables below for each type.

“A” Code Combinations

CodeLocationNotable Features
A-I-QMudskipper PointAsgarnia Ice Dungeon, Rimmington & Mogres.
A-I-RIsland – South of east ArdougneEmpty island used for clue scroll co-ordinate steps.
A-J-QCave south of Dorgesh-KaanCave Crawlers, Cave Bugs, Cave Slimes and Molanisks.
A-J-RSouth-east RellekkaFremennik Slayer Dungeon.
A-J-SIsland – Penguines near MiscellaniaPenguins area – no other access.
A-K-PNecropolisSophanem and Menaphos located to the north. Tombs of Amascut entry.
A-K-QPiscatoris Hunter AreaKraken Cove, Grey Chinchompas & Piscatoris Fishing Colony.
A-K-SFeldip Hunter AreaChompy Bird Hunting, Gnome Glider & Hunter Area.
A-L-PLighthouseDagannoths & Barbarian Outpost.
A-L-QHaunted Woods in MorytaniaVampyres, Leeches, Farming Patch & Port Phasmatys.
A-L-RAbyssal AreaAbyssal Leeches, Walkers, Guardians and Abyssal Demons.
A-L-SMcGrubor’s Wood in KandarinSeers’ Village, Fishing Guild & Ranging Guild.Travelling here required for Kandarin medium diary completion.

“B” Combinations

CodeLocationNotable Features
B-I-PIsland – South-west of Mort MyreEmpty island used for a hard clue scroll step.
B-I-QDesert area near Kalphite Hive.Kalphite Lair used to kill Kalphites and the Kalphite Queen.
B-I-SArdougne Zoo – Unicorn enclosureRequired for completing medium Ardougne diary.
B-J-PIsle of SoulsIsle of Souls Dungeon.
B-J-RRealm of the Fisher KingUsed during the Holy Grail quest.
B-J-SIsland near Zul-Andra76 Agility needed to jump off island.Provides alternative to Zul-Andra teleport for fighting Zulrah.
B-K-PSouth of Castle WarsSmoke Devil Dungeon & Chompy hunting area.
B-K-QEnchanted ValleyTree Spirits & Master Clue Scroll step location.
B-K-RMort Myre SwampBarrows, Mort’ton, Burgh de Rott, Swamp Lizards & Canifis.
B-K-SZanarisChaeldar & Cosmic Rune Altar.
B-L-PTzHaar areaTzHaar Creatures, Fight Caves, Inferno & Infernal Eel Fishing.
B-L-RLegends’ GuildLegends’ Guild, East Ardougne, Witchaven, Magic and Maple trees.
B-L-QYu’biuskOnly used during the Hopespear’s Will miniquest.

“C” Combinations

CodeLocationNotable Features
C-I-PMiscellaniaMiscellania and Etceteria.Required for medium Fremennik Diary.
C-I-QNorth-west of YanilleYanille & Tree Gnome Village.
C-I-RSouth of Mount KaruulmMount Karuulm Dungeon & Farming Guild.Required for medium Kourend Diary.
C-I-SArceuus House in Kourend80,000 coins must be paid to Trossa to unlock the use of this fairy ring.
C-J-RWest of Sinclair MansionSinclair Mansion, Seer’s Village and Falo the Bard.
C-K-PCosmic Entity’s PlaneUsed during the Fairy Tale part 2 quest.
C-K-RSouth of Tai Bwo Wannai VillageNature Altar, Tai Bwo Wannai Village, Shilo Village & Duradel.
C-K-SWest of CanifisSlayer Tower, Farming Patch, Canifis & Mort Myre Swamp.
C-L-PIsland south of DraynorRequired for a hard clue scroll step.
C-L-RApe AtollNear the Ape Atoll agility course.
C-L-SHazelmere’s HomeHome of Hazelmere.

“D” Combinations

CodeLocationNotable Features
D-I-PAbyssal NexusAbyssal Sire.
D-I-QPoH Superior Garden roomMust have a fairy ring in your PoH for this to work.
D-I-RGorak’s PlaneOnly location to kill Goraks outside of the God Wars Dungeon.
D-I-SWizards’ TowerWizards’ Tower & Rune Essence mine location.Required for medium Lumbridge diary completion.
D-J-PTower of LifeEast Ardougne, Spirit Tree location & Port Khazard.
D-J-RChasm of Fire in Great KourendChasm of Fire & Shayzien House.
D-K-PNorth of KaramjaKarambwan Fishing area.
D-K-REast of EdgevilleGrand Exchange, Wilderness & Edgeville bank.
D-K-SFremennik hunter areaRock Crabs, Brine Rat Cavern & Keldagrim.
D-L-QNorth of Nardah in the DesertDesert Lizards, Jackals & Nardah.
D-L-RIsland – in the poison waste south of IsafdarRequired for completing fairy tale part 2 quest.
D-L-SMyreque HideoutEntrance to a tunnel under the Hair of the Dog pub in Canifis.