OSRS Shooting Stars Guide

Shooting Stars is a type of minigame whereby a meteor will land in a random location around the OSRS map. One will fall from the sky every 2 hours in each game world. Meaning world hopping is required to consistently use this method.

The activity is done primarily to train the mining skill in a fun and interactive way as players have to search for new stars. It can also be done in free to play worlds for half the experience. This guide will provide you a step by step of how to efficiently use this training method.

Locating Fallen Stars

Using a telescope in the study room of a player owned house can be done to find the location of the next meteor landing. This can be done in your own or a friends house. However, the telescope must have direct line of sight on the sky. So, it can not be blocked by another room or located underground. Additionally, the higher tier your telescope the more accurate the time window is.

Mining Shooting Stars

Crashed stars come in a variety of different sizes, in total there are 9. Prospecting it can tell you the size of the fallen star, along with its progress to the next level. The first person to begin mining the star will be notified of this in their chatbox.

The star is made up of multiple layers that deteriorate the more you mine it until it is finally reduced by one tier. The more people mining the star means its layer will be removed at a faster rate. When mining players will also gain stardust in their inventory. Stardust can be traded in for rewards at Dusuri’s Star Shop.

Star Sizes

osrs shooting star sizes

Dusuri’s Star Shop

Stardust mined from the fallen stars can be exchanged for rewards at Dusuri’s Star Shop. The rewards are shown in the table below.

Celestial Ring (uncharged)2,000 Stardust
Star fragment3,000 Stardust
Bag full of gems300 Stardust
Soft clay pack150 Stardust

Shooting Stars Discord

There is an official discord for shooting stars. This can be particularly useful for locating active stars and grouping together with other players. It also contains a bunch of information on scouting and individual setups to use. Join below.

osrs star miners

Join Starminers Discord

Shooting Stars Plugin

Alternatively, if you’re not a discord user and don’t play on being one anytime sooner. Then there is a runelite plugin called “Shooting Stars Tracking”. This can be found in the Runelite Plug-in Hub, and tracks the location and time for shooting stars on each world. The plugin shows you a quick and easy overview of the different star locations in various worlds, as shown below.

osrs shooting stars plugin
Shooting Stars Plugin

Shooting Star FAQs

How much mining experience an hour?

20,000 mining experience per hour is achievable at Shooting Stars, with consistent mining and little downtime.

Is it worth mining crashed stars?

No, the mining experience per hour is terrible compared to other methods. Likewise, the profit per hour is not competitive when compared against other methods.